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Bogus Mediums

Below is a typical example of how the "charlatan" preys on the vulnerable for financial means. Christine Smith has kindly allowed me use of her experience as an example to others of what to avoid.

Dear Michael, I am taking a leap of faith here, as I must. I recently sought help from a palm/tarot advisor. She told me that I had a 15yr old boy spirit with me who had not been able to cross over. He is angry and jealous. I do believe this is true, as fifteen years ago I lost a child through my own doing which I much regret.

As I am open-minded and believe this, I am unsure of the ways and means this "psychic" would like me go to in order to allow this spirit to cross over. I would like some guidance here.

Christine Smith

I asked for more information...(MCH)

I visited the "psychic" on impulse. I have been suffering from depression and felt that I was at a crossroads in my life. She told me I had a very dirty aura and asked me if I had a miscarriage or abortion 15-16 yrs ago. I did. She said the boy is very angry and jealous and wants no-one around me. She said for $129.00 she could remove this. I gave her the money after which she asked for pictures of others in my life then told me to come back in two days.
She then told me that in order for her to remove him I needed $900.00 to wrap in a handkerchief and wear it for nine days around my stomach. The $900.00 cash was to represent the amount of sin I have. Then after this she would call on the spirit, baptize the child and send him over.

With all my instincts , I know this is not right. I do believe the child's spirit could be stuck in limbo somewhere, but I don't trust this woman. I told her I have no resources today to get $900.00 but she said it was essential.
I feel very gullible but at the same time, some of the information she gave me was very accurate. I hope you can help.

Dear Christine, You are perfectly correct in trusting to your instincts. On speaking to mediums over the years, the one thing they cannot abide are the charlatans who pose as mediums or psychics in an effort to make money out of people at a vulnerable time in their lives. I had a feeling that this so called "psychic", was about to ask you to part with a lot of money and is why I needed a fuller picture first.
The most wonderful thing about acceptance of a higher life is the certainty that we will be eventually reunited with our loved ones when it is time for our transition. There is no longer a fear of death as we begin to realise that death on this side of life is "re-birth" into a much nicer existence.
Your baby has had a short stay but will understand or know why this is so by now. He will also know that you love him and think about him because he is not far or distant as you may imagine.
The spirit world are all around us, helping and guiding us, and in times of trouble will know that we are suffering. It may help just to sit quietly on your own for a little while and send a thought out to spirit for guidance. They will hear you and you may draw comfort from them. It works for me!
We all get low at times but that shouldn't allow people to take advantage of the situation as your "psychic" has. It may be of help to contact your local spiritualist church as they should be able to put you in contact with a genuine medium. You shouldn't have to pay more than $20 -$30 (10 - 20) for a reading by a reputable medium. In the meantime tell this psychic:

1) The only one who is angry and jealous is her!

2) The handkerchief she has asked you to use would be more appropriately put in her mouth to keep her quiet!

3) The dirty aura she sees is the colour of the dirty money she is making!

4) When you come back in two days you will also bring the police as you have informed them of her taking money under false pretences!

Dear Michael

Thank you so very, very, much.

Tonight I sat down with my boyfriend and told him what has happened in the past week.

The Psychic also told me "DON"T TELL ANYONE"! So, imagine the freedom I know feel after talking honestly with my boyfriend and now your reply.

I laughed so much (haven't felt that all week) after reading the end portion of your email. Thank you so much. I am going to sit quietly and do exactly as you suggested. As I know that there are some very special angels around me who hear me all the time.

Thank you again, you have renewed my belief and hope in not only myself , but in "people". People who give with not expecting anything in return.
Wishing you all the best.


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