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Frequently asked questions of Guides. These examples from Magnus.

These enquiries are fully addressed by Magnus, trance guide of Colin Fry from the 'Magnus Guides Trilogy'.

Magnus guides

Why am I here
What is trance mediumship
Do heaven and hell exist
What of life on other planets
What about cloning
When do people seek Mediums
The taking of a life
Earth changes
The Summerlands and Purpose
Recognising off days and bad advice
At what point does the soul enter the body
What is God
How are we judged on passing over
Does science have the answer
Going into trance
The Message

A Voice from the Light

Suicide victims
Children on passing over
What is the spirit world like
What do I do when I get there
Is euthanasia so wrong
Are there bad mediums
What happens in the Process of Transition from this world
Is releasing animal-kind from this world natural
Why are there poltergeists
Earthly evil dictators
Where is Hell
Recognising others on passing over

Nearer the Light

Vehicle accident victims
Time and space
When a child is born disabled
Freedom of Will
Physical Phenomena
Direct Voice
Is there Life on Mars
Why were the pyramids built
Did Atlantis exist

"Dying is the easy part"

Coming to terms with the fact that we are going to die can be difficult which is as good a reason as any not to ignore it.

The inevitable however, doesn't seem to be of much consequence until it appears that it may be staring us in the face!

The thought may be sullied by the fact that it might not be pain free but as Jenny a young lady who took her own life once said "Dying is the easy part". It was coming to terms with herself afterwards that was the hard part.It soon becomes evident that there is nothing to be afraid of and no matter which beliefs are held or practised, the resultant process of transition to the next existence remains the same.

It is how a life is conducted on the journey that determines on a like for like basis the realm of spirit that will be achieved.
Someone who has led a life of abomination can expect to go to somewhere similar until such time as they feel the need to atone for any wrong doing on the earth plane.

An encouraging thought however is that no matter how you have led your life, the light of progression is available to all