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'Magnus Guides' DVD - Colin Fry

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Magnus Guides DVD and Video

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The "Message" of Spiritualism. Colin Fry

Mgnus Guides DVD

"I would like people to be able to experience seeing Magnus working through me and the Spirit world working through me."

"Sometimes the message is more important than the messages and I do hope that as you watch the DVD's, you will have an understanding of the message. It might make you think more about Spirit, spirituality, the continuation of life and the importance of life here in this world. I sincerely hope that you enjoy the productions and that they give you lots to think about."

Colin Fry


Colin Fry

"Life, as you would understand life, has commenced from the moment of conception.. Let not one of you cast dispersions on one who would terminate life from her body...Place your faith, your belief, your acceptance, only in love.

"You must not be fearful of the time of change, the decimation and the destruction of the darkness. Rejoice that the change has begun.

"Think carefully my friends of what your children shall inherit. Of our side of life, for those of us that once walked the earth-plane, we are painfully aware of what you inherited from us. Have no fear, what is there to fear, there is nothing to fear except fear itself.
You are spirit of your side of life. Your plane of existence, your earth world, your physical vibration, is as much a plane of Spirit as any that you shall move on to. Your contribution, however it shall transpire shall make a difference, if, it is inspired by love."

Trance Guide Magnus

Having sanctioned the recording of his words for this production, Magnus returns to impart knowledge to us, from his side of life through physical and trance medium, Colin Fry.

Colin talks of Magnus, his own beliefs concerning his mediumship, and invites you to make up your own mind regarding Life After Death.

Filmed at the Gateway Spiritualist Centre, Hitchin Spiritualist Church, and Colin's home circle the tape is Dedicated to the memory and life here on earth of Michael Patrick Cotton.

DVD content

This first production is an introduction to Colin Fry's work and promotes many thought provoking issues amongst which discussed are issues relating to:

Religion | The untimely loss of loved ones | Upcoming earth changes | Life on other planets | Introduction to trance mediumship | At what point the soul enter the body | What is God | How we are judged on passing over

Unconditional love | Senile dementia | How Magnus spends time in the Spirit realms | The humorous side of mediumship | Recognising and empowering yourself in spirit | A perspective on the scientific fraternity | Scientist versus medium | Machinery or medium | Co-operation not competition

Life on other planets | Genetic Engineering and Cloning | The system and perceived values | When people seek mediums | The taking of a life | Earth changes | The message | The Summerlands | Going into trance | Recognising off-days and bad advice | Inspirations

Magnus Guides - Reviews

Magnus Guides DVD

As this was the first occasion of seeing a film dealing with mediumship, I was unsure about what to expect. The possibility of watching a lengthy piece of philosophical exposition somehow did not appeal to me.

However, it was evident within the first minute or so, this was not going to be a 'typical' movie. The graphics and overall production are really excellent and the content kept my full attention for the full hour and twenty minutes, and I was disappointed when it finished.

Produced by Michael Courtney-Hunt, the film presents Colin Fry as the man and the medium: this is achieved by a clever alternation throughout the tape between trance addresses through which Magnus communicates, and Colin speaking about himself' his mediumship and the overall subject of survival.

Colin presents himself as an articulate and knowledgeable speaker, discussing the concept of development and how the primary aim of mediumship should be, service', together with his view of Spiritualist churches, including amusing anecdotes which demonstrate, all too clearly, the human dimension of Spiritualism.

The tape also includes filming of an entranced Colin with Magnus speaking to a church congregation and answering a wide range of questions. In responding, the full and distinct personality of Magnus is plainly evident.

The producer has achieved a clever balance which reveals a multi-dimensional image of Spiritualism, and the tape concludes by leaving the viewer thinking that he/she wants to see more. The tape is undoubtedly worth obtaining for its content and the professionalism apparent in its making.

However, as we do not know what situation physical mediumship, or indeed Spiritualism will find itself in the next century/millennium, a tape such as this may also be of immense value for those who live in the future and wish to see those things we are fortunate enough to witness at the present time.

DJN ( Noah's Ark Society )

Magnus Guides

Magnus Guides DVD

"The greatest lie is death, there is no death"

Having sanctioned the recording of his words for this production, Magnus returns to impart knowledge from his side of life, through physical and trance medium Colin Fry.

It is evident that Colin has a natural ability to deliver messages and it is rare to encounter versatility and compassion of this kind. Colin talks of Magnus, and invites you to make up your own mind regarding life after death insisting that the message of Spiritualism is more important than the messages.

Discussed are thought provoking issues relating to religion, at which juncture the soul enters the body, when sentience occurs and the dissolution of life.

Other topics include the untimely loss of loved ones, perpetrators of violent acts and their fate, upcoming earth changes, and life on other planets.

His compassion for mankind being borne out of the understanding extended to him on his passing to Spirit, Magnus will instill that the underlying message that to aspire to unconditional love should be our supreme goal.

This production then is an introduction to Colin's work and before you see him personally, as you surely will, it will enable you to prepare your own enquiries.

"What Spiritualism needs is more mediumship of the Colin Fry variety... The group in Spirit, who have chosen Colin Fry must be be pleased with their exponent"

Editor - Psychic News

Magnus Guides

Magnus Guides Video

Many admirers will be particularly pleased to learn of this DVD of Colin Fry in trance. It features an extended interview with the medium intercut with film of his trance question-and-answer sessions. "The message is more important than the messages." Colin tells us. By this he means, of course, that the message of Spiritualism itself is absolutely vital: the truth of survival of bodily death is all-important and must inspire everything we do. We all value genuine messages, but as Colin is at pains to stress, just attending demonstrations in the hope of getting communications and ignoring the philosophy and central truths of Spiritualism must be considered fundamentally misguided.

The DVD, intended as an introduction to Colin's work, authentically captures the atmosphere and feeling of these special occasions, as anyone who has been present can attest. We are told by Magnus that the soul enters the body at conception. Various moral dilemmas, such as abortion, are discussed. Abortion is morally wrong, but we are told that we must show compassion and understanding towards those who may resort to it. Comfort is given to those who are coping with the loss of loved ones who have passed to the Spirit World.

The fate of violent offenders in the next life is described. Genetic engineering and other abominations against nature are clearly condemned and an ethic of compassion of empathy is passionately advocated. The existence of life on other planets is also discussed.

In all these matters wisdom, compassion and humour shine through. Seeing these trance addresses on DVD certainly make you actually want to go along and see Colin demonstrate in person.

Colin and his guide exhort us to aspire to unconditional love for all our fellow beings: this must include our dear animal companions. This DVD can be warmly recommended and deserves a wide circulation.

Owen Doyle. Two Worlds.

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