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Janet Fisher

Janet Fisher

I was wondering if future guests to your lovely website would like to read about experiences I have had, since viewing your wonderful DVD's, about Colin Fry and "Magnus." Maybe other people may become inspired as I did.

Before I bought the "Magnus" DVD's, I was what you might call, a hit and miss Spiritualist, by this I mean, I would attend a Spiritualist church, when I felt like doing so, or when loved ones had passed over.
Whenever I did attend, I was frequently told to develop my psychic awareness.
But I used to say that isn't for me and this went on for a number of years.

Then along came the "Magnus" DVD's.
I was in awe of Magnus when I viewed the DVD's for the first time, and what I find strange, is that, no matter how many times you view them, (both my husband and myself watch them quite often) they always seem to contain something different!
After viewing them I had a sudden urge to find out much more about the subject. It was as if I was being led down a path and it seemed that certain things were being laid in front of us. First the "Magnus" DVD's, then we saw a advert for a "Noah's Ark Society" regional meeting, which we attended, that then led us to attending an open circle.

Janet and Michael

A few months after joining the circle, we went to see Colin Fry, and had healing from one of his mentors, Mr. Offington, who asked my Husband if he could do healing, and if not why not.

Mr. Offington then said that he was perfectly capable and that was the start of Michael taking the healing path. He is doing very well.

All of this was 12 months ago, and things have moved so quickly, I can scarcely catch my breath The open circle we both joined, has now become a "closed" circle, after which a new open circle was started just last week which I was invited to lead.

All of this in just 12 months is unbelievable and within this time, my guide "Rueben" has come to the forefront in my life, working very closely with me, coaxing and teaching me and I love every minute of it.

My heartfelt thanks go to Michael Courtney- Hunt, Colin Fry, and of course "Magnus", as all played a part in turning my life around, and set me onto the path I am now on.

Best Wishes. Janet Fisher.

October 27th 2005 - Janet is now developing 'Direct Voice Mediumship', with much success. (MCH)

Jane Foley


I have been a Spiritualist for as long as I can remember, even before I knew what the word meant.

Other religions are too restricting and encourage people to accept without question that - "this is the way it is, end of discussion" - whereas Spiritualism is an all embracing, understanding of peoples' individuality and needs, encouraging the belief that eternal progression is available to all.

It is respect for all life, a tolerance of others and is how Spiritualism differs from many other religions which is why it strikes such a cord in me.
Spiritualism is also more than just attending sittings with mediums to make contact with the spirit world - this is just one aspect of it - it is a way of life.
I am not a medium, but have seen, heard and felt things from a very early age,on some occasions amazing my parents by how I used to `know' things.


I held my fathers hand as he passed from cancer around nine years ago and since his passing I feel that we have an even closer relationship than we ever did whilst he was here - he can now reach me on a different level. He has given me the strength and confidence to sort my life out and we are closer now than we have ever been.

When Dad was very sick, shortly before he passed, I could tell by his face that he was seeing something wonderful and was so in awe. Whatever he could see was so, so beautiful and I felt privileged to have been able to share that moment with him and to witness the look of wonder on his face. It was an experience shared that I shall never forget.


Jane Foley tells her story

Shortly after he came to me in my dreams - the first of many visits and I still have them to this day. Although he actually passed at home, he did spend a lot of time in hospital receiving chemotherapy (He seemed to be doing really well. He didn't lose his hair, he had to go and get it cut whilst he was receiving the chemo, and he wasn't sick at all so we all thought that he was responding well to the treatment. In actual fact. he couldn't bear to tell my Mum and myself that the treatment wasn't working, so only found out how bad the situation was three weeks before he passed when the hospital decided to stop the treatment.) and in my dream I was going to hospital to see mum and was hurrying because the doctor had phoned to say that he hadn't long to live.

As I arrived outside the building, Dad was standing at hospital room window wearing his usual outdoor coat and was waving to me. I felt a sense of relief- he was going to be alright.

When I got into the hospital however. I was told that I was too late and that he had already gone.
Since then Dad has visited me many times in my dreams, but I am always aware that he has had cancer and has passed and the overwhelming feeling that comes to me is that I feel happy because we have emerged the the whole ordeal of the cancer and are still together. It is such a strong feeling , and I think Dad is trying to convey to me that we have come through the ultimate and everything is alright.
I have also heard him.


One day. I was in my bedroom with my dog Scrumpy, with the door shut. We were in the house on our own and I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I looked at Scrumpy and he was looking at the door listening too. If he heard it also, then it couldn't have been my imagination. I stared at the door handle wondering if the door would open and what I would see, but the footsteps disappeared into the bathroom. It was the same time of day that Dad always had a shave. I think he was carrying out what he had always done at the time he would normally have done.

On another occasion, my Mum and I were in the lounge when the radio came on in the kitchen, just in time for the news - which Dad listened to every day at that time. I have also heard his voice calling my name. I have felt his touch whilst on a ladder decorating, where his hands steadied me as I was about to fall. Whilst in an abusive relationship, I was thrown down some stairs and how I ended up with only a few bumps and bruises and nothing more is amazing. Fathers and daughters always have a special relationship and a love which could never die and when I was little he used to say to me, "However old you get, you will always be my little girl", and he is still here now looking out for me, protecting me.

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