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Sarah Tracey - Medium

Hi Michael,

I got to watch 'Nearer the Light" today.

All I can say is......well done....it is a wonderful DVD and I love how you put it together.

I nearly cried when I heard Magnus again, it was like coming home to an old friend.

I loved learning more about Colin and seeing his mum on the DVD, that made it so much more personal and contrasts so well the difference between Colin and Magnus. Isn't it amazing the changes he goes through when Magnus is around. How can such a soft spoken voice turn into such a powerful voice. It truly is a miracle to watch.

'Nearer the Light' - Colin Fry

I love all the private stories too, I think you covered the main ones very well. I hear so many people asking, how could God do this and that and the DVD puts that to rest once and for all.

I truly loved the whole thing, it has a nice mix and conveys all that is important to know about spirit.

Thank you Michael, it was a joy to watch.
Love and light,


How the 'Magnus' series have helped

'Magnus Guides' - Colin Fry

Watching the three Magnus DVD's has confirmed my beliefs. They continue to help me and to teach me to try to live a good life and to strive constantly to be a better person. I try hard, but sometimes I do get lost - Colin and Magnus have guided me back on the path.

Magnus is an inspiration and I feel it is no coincidence that I have found these DVD's - feeling that my father has drawn me to them to enrich my life, to get me thinking positively again and to help me cope. I have carried a lot of 'baggage' with me in my life and have found it very difficult to move on and leave all the negativity behind.

'A Voice from the Light' - Colin Fry

These DVD's have helped me to realise that I must focus on other things, more important matters, in the future instead of dwelling on past issues. These DVD's have given me the inspiration to carry on with my life and to move on from here allowing me now to see the bigger picture and I know the message contained within these DVD's will remain with me.

There is more to life, more for me to learn and I feel I am now ready to move on with my progression as life is a learning process which continues even when we pass.
Everyone who watches the DVD's is able to apply the teachings contained within them to their own lives by watching and experiencing the spirit world working through Colin Fry and the times of uncertainty in which we live in today, we need these words of reassurance.

'Nearer the Light'  - Colin Fry

I could watch the series over and over again and still learn something new but those watching the DVD's are left at the end to draw their own conclusions to decide for themselves if they are going to make any changes to their own lives as a result of what they have just witnessed.

Thank-you Colin and Magnus for the difference that you have made to my life and for all the help that you have given me.

John. Yorkshire.

How the DVD; "Magnus Guides" Came to my aid.

'Magnus Guides' DVD

I recently became involved in argument with an intelligent relative who is a confirmed agnostic.

She had many valid reasons for her views and I began to wonder if I was capable of meeting the challenges she threw at me. After listening patiently however I came to the conclusion that the "king pin" of her arguments was her belief that the death of the body involved the total destruction of the brain which is the only source of awareness, judgement and thought. Remove these and nothing is left to form a spirit.
For this reason she rejected the idea of a spirit world and any system of judgement of our actions after death.
My immediate reaction was to try to explain about the invisible spirit bodies and source of intelligence, but the subject was so daunting that I did not know where to start.

Realistic criticism

'A Voice from the Light' DVD

I needed time to collect my thoughts so I suggested that we should watch the DVD: "Magnus Guides Colin Fry". This we did in silence, and at the end she declared that the performance could have been staged if Colin had acting ability and was a good mimic, and the questions had been planned in advance.
I had to agree that this could have been done by a dishonest producer, but was this a realistic criticism in view of the shining sincerity of Magnus, and the obvious wisdom and intelligence of his answers to questions put to him at random. Furthermore would Magnus have been repeatedly invited to give performances in other countries . If the show had been a fake it would have been exposed at an early stage.

Another look

'Nearer the Light' DVD

I asked her to watch the DVD again and give it unhurried consideration. She must have given it much thought because a few days later she came to me and said that she was struggling to accept Magnus as a fact , but that meant giving up all her previously held strong beliefs.
At this stage I felt confident that the DVD about Magnus had had successfully pierced her barrier of preconceived ideas, which was a significant achievement.
The belief that death means total extinction is the most common of all misconceptions and regrettably it follows logically from this belief that life could be enjoyed to the full without the limitations of moral responsibilities. There is no moral judgement to be faced at the time of death so why worry.

Gentle persuasion

Does this explain much of the irresponsible and offensive behaviour of a large proportion of our youth of today ? If you as a parent suspect that your son or daughter shares a belief in this, "Death is the end of every thing philosophy," and would benefit from a refresher course in spiritual understanding then I would strongly recommend that you follow my simple example and get them to watch the DVD; "Magnus Guides through Colin Fry".
They should not find it irksome to watch, and it could save you a great deal of time spent in verbal persuasion.

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