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We Can Help

 Michael Courtney-Hunt - 2007!

Understandably, the purpose of our existence seems to raise confusion amongst people of most races and creeds. We would ask you to consider a different explanation.


During many conversations with people I have reached the conclusion that it's not really the matter of death itself that seems to be a problem. Rather, it's the actual way in which you die.

Understanding that we lay the foundations on this plane of existence to prepare us for the next is very important but searching for answers depends entirely on how much is desired to be learned. What isn't stressed enough - I feel - is the fact that when someone passes over, nobody is ever 'lost'.


It helps to grieve after the passing of a loved but there is another aspect to the process other than this. This would be a greater understanding of our spirituality. The difficulty arises when those who would seek out mediums to be able to contact their loved ones, sometimes find that the channel of communication is not always open. Seeking solace in their religion may help but if their religion isn't conducive to the spiritualist way then this can often lead to confusion.


It has been fourteen years since I started to seriously seek answers to my own questions relating to the life here and in the hereafter and spiritual movie production began commercially in 1999. The intention was to provide philosophy for those people who - like myself - needed more concrete answers to my questions and a visual reference alongside what had already been gathered from books.


The concept of Spiritualism on screen is not a new idea but I needed to pass on the message of Spiritualism in a form that would inspire people so that they could digest the information in another way. Many, for one reason or another aren't able to frequent local churches or gatherings ( or are reticent about attending ) so sharing the information of the afterlife through DVD seemed a worth-wile concept.

Armed with all the newly gathered knowledge and a sanction from Magnus, (Colin Fry's trance guide) it was with great excitement that I took up the challenge. The video 'Magnus Guides' was then born. Happy that 'Magnus Guides' was a success I felt the need to expand on the subject. To do this I was to film further demonstrations of Trance mediumship, spiritual healing, and clairvoyance so with the help of many mediums such as Colin Fry, Irene Sowter, Ron Jordan, Lyn G de Swarte and others, I gradually built up a series of DVD's culminating in a collection which currently numbers seven.

A better explanation

Such as the conflicting advice can be within differing belief systems (i.e. religions) they all concur that there is a God. It was refreshing to find however, that what Magnus and other guides had said, also reached the same conclusion but delivered a better explanation. Everything was beginning to make perfect sense, giving me lots to think about.

Apart from topics such as the process of transition, re-incarnation, karma, life on other planets and what is God, there were statements such as, there is no time in the Spirit World, your next existence will enable you to be whatever age you felt best in your time here on earth, and there is no actual location of hell (as portrayed by major religions).

The passing of a child

You truly reap that which you sow, your life review being shown to you on reaching the spirit world. So many subjects were covered but there became many more to investigate. By the fourth production entitled 'Nearer the Light', information regarding the loss of a child being high on the agenda, I set out to find if there was anybody who would like to help lay the foundations to assist in allaying the worries associated with this particular heartache.

The production entitled 'Nearer the Light' includes an account from Ron Gilkes, whose daughter Jenny took her own life, Bridget Saunders (trance and spiritual medium), whose granddaughter Jessica passed at 18 months, and the family of Desmond Carpenter who was killed in the Aberfan disaster, all of whom I found were very willing to help. It wasn't an easy task but on seeing the completed production, all concerned were very praising and commended the sensitivity with which the subject was approached.

The Carpenter family were warmly reassured whilst Ron Gilkes and Bridget hoped that it would help comfort some of those who found themselves in the same situation. All the children came through mediums in various forms of communication and Jenny ( who came through Colin Fry in direct voice) tells us that although things are wonderful where she is, she was very upset that she caused those closest to her such distress. Jenny also reveals that her intention was not to end her life but was more a cry for help which also upset her, conceding that what she did was the "wrong thing to do". Shortly after, another unexpected twist of fate for Ron was finding that his father had shot himself on learning that he was suffering from cancer. Both Jenny and Ron's father are together now and have since both come through at direct voice seances, but this took it's toll on Ron Gilkes so much so that he almost took his own life.

Spirit guides

Much can be learned listening to and asking the guides questions about the afterlife after which should leave no-one in any doubt as to the reason for our existence. This is why the 'Magnus Guides' trilogy was created.

To continue with the exploration on how we receive help and guidance from the spirit world I then applied my efforts to that of reporting on the healing energies by which so many are relieved of their pain and suffering. For this was engaged the help of healer Irene Sowter. On the DVD 'Healing Years', further aspects of life are explored including many documented cases of healing where in desperation, people have sought help for their sick or disabled friends, relatives and children finding that very positive results could be achieved.


Christine who was born severely disabled was not thought to live beyond infancy and neither was David as they were so dreadfully handicapped, but using some of Irene Sowter's archive footage along with my own, she demonstrates, with help from her three spirit surgeons, Dr's Bollimore, Lumvere, and Barry, the amazing power of the spiritual healing energies where a complete cure was effected. Irene Sowter not only heals sick people but also caters for our animal friends as well with the help of a healer in spirit called Charlie who with his dog named Spot, have healed and cured countless numbers of pets.

Her healing successes - Irene states - are entirely due to her mediumistic gift and takes no credit for the healing she has carried out. There are numerous accounts of amazing healing cases but Irene also shares her views and experiences which will reveal that there is more to Irene Sowter's mediumship than is reported here.

More recently I was to witness an amazing display of spiritual surgery by 'Paul', who is the trance guide of medium and healer, Ray Brown which would convince me that here was another possibility to put trance healing on Tape. Plans are in place to try and achieve another aspect of this valuable source of 'surgery' for the next production.

Religious conflict

In the process of learning, what is sometimes found is that what the guides tell us may not necessarily be what we expect to hear. This was evident when Magnus was questioned about the fate of the perpetrators of the atrocity on the September 11th 2001 and the killing of so many innocent civilians. Although the general feeling amongst those gathered was that there should be some kind of redress, Magnus emphatically expressed the need for unconditional love for all involved saying that he would not condone violence to fight violence.

This controversial issue was summed up at a seance where spirit communicators came through in direct voice and a young cockney spirit friend who had been in spirit for a long time said " it's like in the great war, all we got is bodies which is no victory at all". On 'Nearer the Light' (completed before Sept. 11th 01) Magnus, who is also the spokesman for a group in spirit called "The Diamond" - express their solution to World healing.


Explaining physical mediumship by word of mouth is difficult and with physical demonstrations less widely frequented by most, it is difficult to put across how important an element it is. But it is one of the ways in completing the wider picture. On asking to Substantiate of what he informs us as being the truth, the wise old man Magnus says I cant you will have to reach your own conclusions regarding what I say.

A web site was another vehicle by which people could be made more aware of the suitability of trance mediumship as a learning tool so equipped with the means of providing information the site www.spiritsinc.co.uk was born which is based around the Spiritual aspects of what has been gathered so far and what the Courtney-Hunt team have achieved.

The general public are now able to view far more about spiritual matters on television than was ever possible before and fortunately there appears to be a greater understanding that people can have contact from the spirit world through clairvoyance. Some even find that their fears about spirit contact are really unfounded as the actual process of contact through a medium - although sometimes emotional - is a relatively sedate one. However, the subject of healing and Trance mediumship aren't so easy to portray on TV and is usually met with more scepticism than say the 'Sixth Sense' with Colin Fry on The Living Channel.

The message

Colin Fry on 'Magnus Guides' tells us that receiving messages is a good way of contact but he also goes on to say that" the message (of Spiritualism) is more important than the messages". All the DVD's cover a broad spectrum of enquiry and will be a valuable source of information to anybody needing to know what to expect from this life and the next.

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