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Nearer the light DVDOrder Nearer the Light

Ron Gilkes became desperate when Jenny - his daughter - tragically took her own life and even himself contemplating suicide because he missed her so much. Apart from allowing me to tell the story of Jenny for the production, 'Nearer the Light', he has also given me permission to reprint the article for this web site.M.C.H


by Ron Gilkes

Jenny Gilkes

Some of those who have attended Colin Fry's seances held at NAS seminars may remember hearing the voice of a young girl called Jenny.

Jenny, my daughter, first spoke about four years ago at a Bath seminar and was very tearful and saddened about passing to spirit by her own hand.

"Hello Daddy"

I cannot even begin to describe how on this occasion, when I recognised Jenny's voice saying `Hello Daddy: I am sorry Daddy', that I was able to compose myself. I can only presume it was strength given to me by others.

Jenny's Sanctuary

Since this occasion, Jenny has communicated several times during seances held at 'Noah's Ark Society' seminars. I have converted a barn at my home (near Banbury) and called it `Jenny's Sanctuary'. Here afternoons of clairvoyance have been held and used for circles which have been started. Furthermore, I have had the privilege of hosting the NAS on several occasions. At the first seance Jenny communicated and spoke for nearly ten minutes. She also wrote a note for me and held my hand briefly. When she spoke with George Cranley (President of the NAS), he suggested that when she felt able to, she could try walking across and giving me a kiss.

Jenny's Sanctuary

Jenny's grandfather

This brings me to September 1999: by this time I had suffered the loss of my father and problems with Jenny's mother. Moreover, the sanctuary where so much good work had been accomplished was virtually demolished when a runaway army truck ran into it. This event turned out to be a blessing as the insurance has allowed me to construct a new sanctuary which is far better than the previous one. Chris, a friend of mine, contacted me to suggest a sitting with Colin Fry: naturally, I jumped at the chance. I travelled with Chris to Colin's Spirit Lodge and on arriving there, we were shown to our seats and were then advised regarding seance room procedure by Paul. After a short prayer by the dozen or so people there, the proceedings began. Many of those who were present received communications from friends and relatives.


Jenny Gilkes

During the seance, Dolly (one of Colin's guides) began to speak to us and was just about to introduce another communicator when Jenny, virtually pushing her way through, made herself known. Dolly spoke to her saying, 'Well come along dear, you've done this before', and I could hear Jenny's voice saying, albeit softly, 'Daddy'.

I knew it was her: however when I replied, I did not say anything that would diminish the evidential value of the communication. Jenny commented on my concern about her mother but added that I should not worry.



Baby Jenny Gilkes

She continued to speak giving an unmistakable evidential quality to her communication. She also referred to her grandfather saying that he was fine although he had been very confused when he first passed over. She recalled the occasion when she met him and he was cheered up by this.

Jenny then made reference to her nanny and asked that her love be passed on to her. During this communication she informed me that she now had a new pony. She added that she also had Jenny, the one I had bought for her some years earlier.



I am home

She then mentioned how she was teaching her grandfather to ride! Jenny commented on the building work which had begun in respect of the new sanctuary and said how she looked forward to its completion.

She told me that one of the builders was very interested in the subject and when I asked her to which of the builders she was referring, she told me it was the young one who has `a lovely sense of humour'.



Ron Gilkes

At this point, the proceedings came to the most wonderful part for me. Jenny said `Daddy, if you sit very still, can I come and give you a kiss?'. I replied that I would do as she had asked. We then heard her making her way across the room; as she did this, there was a loud noise as she knocked the microphone (or part of her ectoplasmic self draped across it). I could hear her moving towards me and wondering if my glasses would get in her way, I asked whether she wanted me to remove them, but she said no and clasped my fingers and pulled my hand up. I could feel her mouth against my hand very clearly and everyone heard her kiss.


"I Love you Daddy"

Ron Gilkes

At this point she said, 'I love you daddy'. After making her way back across the seance room she said `Daddy, when it's (the sanctuary building) all finished, will you put a rainbow in the window?'. I said that I would and she concluded her visit by saying `Good-bye daddy'. I said 'good-bye' to her and she left after saying that her grandfather might speak to me on the next occasion.

NB Much to Ron's delight, in July 2002 at a seance held in Jenny's Sanctuary, both Jenny and her grandfather came through to communicate that they were both together and enjoying their time in the spirit world.


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