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Table Manners at the 'Spiritualist Association of Great Britain' (SAGB)!

Table 'Tilting' or 'Turning', is a physical phenomenon and a way in which spirit can communicate their presence to those of the Earth plane. More commonly used in the seance room, there was a demonstration at this meeting and in charge of the proceedings was physical medium James McQuarry.

What is one expected to do when a table comes up to you with four people attached to it after nudging your shoulder!

There were four of us in the process of desperately trying to levitate our particular piece of furniture but I could not ignore the fact that my attention was needed elsewhere so I got up and joined the four people already attached to theirs at that particular time!
In fact, the incident first came to the attention of my friend Neil who was sitting next to me, but Doreen - the 'table medium' - advised that it was myself whose attention was required.

It seems incredible to me now that I was talking to a table but in an effort to prove to myself that this really was happening and that a higher intelligence had taken over this seemingly inanimate object, I had to accept that possibility.

It was evident that this table was moving of its own volition but hoping not to be misled by the exhilaration of the circumstances in which I found myself, all who's fingers were in direct contact with the table at the time were under my very close scrutiny.
At one point I asked what would happen if all fingers were removed from the table. The four of us removed contact entirely after which the formerly active piece of furniture stopped moving.

I pondered on what sort of personality the table may have attracted and concluded that as the table seemed very effervescent (well as much as a table can be!), that it may have been influenced by somebody in our midst. Surely enough there was a lady at the table who professed to being a 'Table Medium' herself very chatty and bubbly!

I concluded that although the large round table seemed active, it must have had a purpose other than to prove that it could mimic movement and very possibly had a mind control at that point because after being asked if it wanted to communicate with anyone it took the four of us over to a lady in the corner of the room.

For communication to take place, the table was asked to rock backwards and forwards, two rocks signifying yes, one rock indicating no.
The table became very active, an affirmative answer resulting in the action similar to that of an excited puppy wagging it's tail in excited anticipation of being taken for walkies!

The lady for whom there was a communicant, was convinced that it was her father trying to come through and on her enquiring further, she seemed satisfied that it was he who was present because a worrying problem of a very personal nature seemed to have been allayed by his response to her questions, much to her relief.

This led me to further question why the father of this lady wanted to guide me to their table. I couldn't see any reason for it but it could be argued I suppose that more than one personality came through and had changed over by the time the table reached it's destination.

Someone asked the table to go to the door, which it did and I was satisfied that it would have been too heavy to be physically moved about without more than a little effort besides which everybody (except the table medium) had swapped over which would certainly quell the notion of collusion.

With the right conditions, it appeared to me, that this type of physical phenomena can indeed be an effective form of communication.

The Conan Doyle room

It was quite an awesome feeling to walk into the 'Conan Doyle' room for the first time.

Here was a room which felt timeless, the main feature being the mediums' 'cabinet' inside of which had been placed Conan Doyle's favourite chair. The first impression is that this cabinet has been long used by spirit communicators over a long period of time.

I had an instinctively strong desire to experience what it was like to be seated where I was sure that many mediums had sat before and if there were going to be a place that energies had been stored used and dissipated, it was within that very spot.

Even before James had finished the question "who would like to volunteer...", my hand was in the air and surely enough I was given my chance.
I approached the chair, my heart thumping in eager anticipation and not with a little trepidation. Once seated, I was told to relax and try to quieten myself whilst awaiting any phenomena which may occur...

It wasn't long before feeling the manifestation of Spirit as I experienced:
a rush of adrenalin,
warmth flowing from my hands,
uncontrollably flickering eyelids,
a mask over my face,
a brief touch to the head,
a presence flowing through me which left as quickly as it arrived.

James sat about six feet in front of me and asked those people watching (of which there were about thirty), to relate what they saw, if anything and amongst these were: a mist which swirled about me (perceived by two or three of the gathering ), a darkness to the left side of my face and large dark shadows either side of me (presumably guides or entities of some description).

I was aware that people were describing incidents going on around me but some of these things were not perceived by everybody at the same time probably being significant in strength only to those members who possessed clairvoyant abilities.
I asked if there was anything significant other than that which had already been described amongst the phenomena and James told me that I had behind me a red indian guide.
He said that people ask him why it is that people generally have an indian or chinese guide to which he replied that these by far have been the most spiritually aware whilst on the earth plane and as such are proportionally more in number.

Others who took their place in the cabinet had varying degrees of success.

The effects that one particular person sitting in the cabinet produced were quite remarkable in that almost everyone commented regarding something that they saw or felt.
Most striking of all the effects produced around this person and one which was felt by everybody was that there was a noticeable drop in temperature over the whole room.
Some people said that they felt a sensation similar to walking into a cobweb.
The lights began to flicker (although this may have been something unrelated to any phenomena that day), and his face seemed to change into that of an older person ( but that could have been the lighting also).

In all though, I feel that it was no coincidence to have experienced what I did whilst I sat in that chair.

You only had to ask!

During a break, a physical medium related a story to Neil and I that being involved in rescue work, he had occasion to run a circle so had invited a photographer to record an event which included trumpet phenomena etc.
To my surprise, I was told that this event went unrecorded as the photographer did not turn up! This - they later found - was because the photographer had heard the story of somebody who took along some very expensive equipment to record physical phenomena only to find it unusable during spirit communication.
We also found it quite bizarre on learning that because of this the photographer proceeded to vent his anger at what was apparently a materialised chinese guide!

However, it was a fascinating day and James McQuarry did not disappoint.

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