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How do I find a Circle

Q. How do I find a circle to sit in?

A. In the first instance approach your local spiritualist church as they normally have various types running, either open or closed, or look in the spiritual press for details.

Q. What is an open circle as opposed to a closed circle?

A. An open circle normally relates to a development circle and can take new members at any time. You may find that various members will not attend every session and so the make up and feel of the group can vary from week to week. A closed circle is not open on a regular basis to new members. However, when the spirit team deem it necessary new sitters can be brought in. The closed circle generally relates to physical mediumship, where the personality and energy balance of the group is paramount.

Q. What happens if I don't get on with a person in the group?

A. Harmony is essential in any circle and the impact on the mind of any degree of disharmonious accord will inevitably result in slower development. Have a word with your leader, perhaps he or she can help. If you cannot resolve the situation it would be probably be better to move to another group.

Q. What should I wear?

A. This is an important question and really comes down to the type of circle that you are sitting in. In a physical circle that sits under red light or dark conditions, dark clothing is appropriate. In all circles comfort is the key and therefore loose clothing is best as you may be sitting for some time and get rather warm. A collar and tie is not advised! Most circles remove their shoes.

Q. What should be in my mind while I sit?

A. In a physical circle one should concentrate on sending love and energy to the medium. This is not to say that one should sit there with screwed up face and bulging veins in the neck, one should be doing this in a relaxed state of mind. In a development circle you are guided by your leader and ask, ask, ask if not sure.

Q. Can spirit en-trance me?

A. Only if you are open and allow it to happen. Remember you are always able to be in control. So stay in control. Never forget the golden rule of any sitting - always ask spirit for protection before you start and remember to close down at the end.

Q. Why can't I wear my watch and jewellery?

A. I think you are talking about a physical circle where there have been a few cases of stopped watches and burns, because of the energies at work. This could apply to a healing circle as well. In any event it is probably best to remove any unwanted appendage to focus the mind.

Q. Should one eat before sitting?

A. Yes one should eat before sitting and a light meal an hour or two beforehand is preferable. If you don't eat, the rumblings in your belly will distract not only you, but also the other sitters. If a large meal is taken just before sitting the consequences are fairly obvious. May I point out that alcohol should on no account be consumed close to the time of the meeting.

Q. I have been sitting in a physical circle for one year now and little has happened. Should I continue?

A. Of course! There is no set time. Sitting in a physical circle can run to several years to perfect the goal. Commitment is the key and the best circles have the best discipline.

<<Sitting for readings

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