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Welcome to Spiritsinc 2023

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Passing Over - Colin Fry

"When your physical form can no longer sustain you, the process of release is a severing of the cord...We move into a great light. Moving into this light does not require that we go any distance...Acceleration into this light is often experienced as going through a tunnel...You will move directly into the light where friends and family will come to greet you" - Magnus (Guide of Colin Fry)

We survive physical death. The proof and answers are all here, on this site and within the Series of DVDs.

Trance medium Colin Fry

Featuring mediums, Colin Fry, Ron Jordan, Ray Brown, Les Driver and Irene Sowter, SpiritsInc aims to provide answers to the truth behind our continual existence and the afterlife with an an opportunity to acquire a series of Spiritual DVD's not available anywhere else.

Wide ranging in their content, these presentations are structured so as to not only help you understand how to enjoy this - our earthly - life but also assist you in realising the process of transition to naturally prepare you for the joys of the next world.

There is no mystery relating to life here or in the hereafter. Our commitment to you then - is to establish, beyond reasonable doubt, that there is life after death. That means dealing with facts, details, dates, specifics, and evidence in a non scientific way.

As sceptical as people are - and this is perfectly natural - Spirit contact really is above the test-tube scrutiny it is often plagued with. However, it has become increasingly clear that science is now offering irrefutable evidence of an afterlife through quantum physics where previously according to science, a bumble-bee shouldn't be able to fly!

Trance Medium - Ron Jordan

Having attended many demonstrations of mediumship to prove "Life After Death", I decided to record the meetings and SpiritsInc is about passing on this knowledge so that you can make an informed decision which will totally transform your way of thinking about life and the reason for our existence. Above all however this should also give reassurance that loved ones who have passed through the 'veil' not only remain very much alive but also live happily in a far more pleasant environment...

I hope you enjoy the site and are able to find most of the answers to your questions from either the information contained within or from the mediums, links, and DVD's

- Michael Courtney-Hunt


Colin Fry

Cyrus DVD

There are many fine trance mediums but one of the world's most outstanding was Colin Fry.

Well known for his amazing clairvoyance, Colin Fry (a.k.a. 'Lincoln') was also an excellent physical medium.

An articulate man and fine exponent of spirit, you have witnessed very little until you experience his breathtaking trance guide 'Magnus' from whom we can find the answers to the most common enquiries relating to the here and the hereafter.



Ray Brown

Life After Death - Your Spiritual Journey

Healing became a way of life for a young Ray Brown. He continued to work hard on developing his mediumship and finally, when he was 21, his trance guide 'Paul' came through and they have been working together ever since.

If you want to see healing "miracles" performed through psychic surgery, then watch the DVD Spirit Surgeon.

Whether you believe in the healing power of Spirit or not, the fact remains is that it is a reality.
Again, another fine example of how Spirit work through their medium to help heal, educate and through their words allay our fear of death.


"Death is a great lie. Have no fear. What is there to fear. There is nothing to fear except fear itself."

Magnus - Trance Guide of Colin Fry

Dear Michael, I previously purchased all your DVD's and found them very enlightening. They have helped me enormously day by day in helping me to comprehend the reason for our existence - Many thanks. Derek R. - Tyne & Wear.

Katherine - Australia: Thank you Michael for your fast and efficient service and delivery. I've seen all your DVD's.
The Magnus Guides trilogy is fantastic and found myself caught up in the emotion, having at times to fight back the tears. Once again, Thanks.
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