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How do I find a Spiritual Medium?

So many people ask me where to find a genuine medium I think that a few words from a personal point of view may be warranted especially for those new to spiritualism.

Our relatives and friends do not die. They pass over to an existence which although very similar to this will be free from any earthly physical restraints. This place is often referred to as the "Summerland's".

A very common misconception is that when we seek to contact our loved ones who have passed over, is that we are "disturbing the dead". This is in fact is misguided as there is no such thing. We cannot die.

The Spiritualist Church

A good way to find a medium is by visiting your Local Spiritualist Church. Many mediums would recommend this and is exactly how the renowned Arthur Findlay discovered John Sloan and went on to investigate physical mediumship.

Allow yourself to observe as this can be useful and will give you a 'feel' of the place. It's quite possible that someone will notice that you are new and may offer a little guidance.

Generally there will be a visiting medium who during the service will give clairvoyance for those in attendance but because of time restraints may not be able to get round to everybody.

Spirit will know in advance who will be in attendance but the medium can only bring through those who are able to communicate. This means that although not who you would expect to come through, you will sometimes receive a message which on further investigation may prove to be correct.

Uncommon amongst other religious persuasions, is that you will probably find is that no one will force their beliefs on you and should it be required, will give guidance and information or even know of a medium available for private readings in your area.

Private Sitting

There are many mediums with whom arrangements can be made to have a private sitting. This may or may not come as a revelation but it would be inadvisable to expect that as soon as the reading commences that all those you are expecting a message form will come through immediately.

Generally, your closest relatives will come through if they are able and you can always ask the medium for a specific person which - assuming the medium is genuine - some will try to do.
However, although possible a lot depends on the readiness of that Spirit to return and how long it has been since they have passed over.

Coming to the conclusion that a medium who will be right for one person but may not be suitable for another isn't to say that a particular medium is not genuine but an analogy would be that for the medium it's a bit like tuning into a particular frequency on say a transistor radio, sometimes it can be difficult.

An urge for the sitter to make things fit during a reading is fairly common but it is better to be honest with yourself if you can't accept the information at that time but equally important to affirm with the medium that a message from spirit can be accepted as this often increases the energy of the link which will aid communication for those trying to come through.

Frustrating for some mediums is a sitter who rejects everything. If someone comes through from Spirit with a message for you, what is worth remembering that whoever they are, they have come to you out of love sometimes having made a tremendous effort to achieve this. It is worth being patient and just listening sometimes as the information may well have some importance.

Recording a reading can be quite useful as an awful lot of information can be forgotten which sometimes on later investigation with family and friends could turn out to be very evidential. It is often the little details which when put together, gives the communication conviction

Most of all, enjoy it

Finding a Circle>>

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