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Order 'Option 1' - which includes all Nine DVD's for £75.00 (saving a further £10.00)

To order 'Option 2' - The 'Magnus Guides Trilogy' which includes all three DVD's for £25.00. (saving £19.97)

To order 'Option 3' - 'Life After Death + Spirit Surgeon' + 'Healing Years' for £35.00 (saving £18.97)

To order 'Option 4' - 'Spirit Guides 1 + Spirit Guides 2 + Cyrus DVD's for £25.00. (saving £19.97)

If purchased singly, DVDs are £14.99 each except for 'Life After Death' at £23.99 and DVD Compilation at £5.00


Magnus Guides - Colin Fry
Produced by Michael Courtney-Hunt, the DVD presents Colin Fry as the man and the medium: this is achieved by a clever alternation throughout the film between trance addresses through which Magnus communicates, and Colin speaking about himself, his mediumship and the overall subject of survival.
DJN - Noah's Ark Society

A Voice from the Light - Colin Fry
This DVD presents a fascinating insight into the mediumship of Colin Fry and the overall subject of successful physical mediumship. At the beginning, Colin says the production is to develop, extend and expand upon what had been presented in the previous one, and this is certainly achieved. A warmly recommended DVD.
DJN- Noah's Ark Society

Nearer the Light - Colin Fry
Magnus answers questions on many topics including disabled children, the reunion of loved ones, premature passing, and lost civilisations. We are also given an intimate portrait of Colin as a boy medium. He felt uncomfortable at school because he questioned everything. Colin always received satisfactory answers from Spirit, therefore, when his headmaster told him that "Your function is to listen and not to question," he decided that school was not for him!
DJN- Noah's Ark Society

Spirit Surgeon - Ray Brown
With Paul's guidance over the years, both Ray and wife Gillian continue working to help ease and cure many types of illness - as this production will show - but we start with Paul, as he describes his feelings during the hours leading up to his final moments on this Earth plane...

Healing Years - Irene Sowter
Even from this tender age of three Irene Sowter has helped heal and also cure many hundreds of people and animals from every type of illness imaginable.
"A brilliant all round production including all aspects of Spirit communication. 'Healing Years', is not only a representation of how Spirit can use their Earthly advocate, but might also be considered as the definitive DVD for learning what is required and how to become involved in being a medium.
Judith Steels

Spirit Guides - Ron Jordan
Ron Jordan has experienced spirit activity from an early age.
Although unaware that this was not the norm until later in his childhood, he soon realised this gift which over time he was to develop and nurture, enabling him to become a fine advocate for spirit communication.
‘Spirit Guides’, is about this ebullient Liverpudlian, his thoughts on a variety of topics along with philosophy from his Spirit Guide who simply refers to himself as ‘George’. MCH

Spirit Guides 2 - Ron Jordan
A follow up to "Spirit Guides 1", this production explores many topics including Extremism, Exorcism, Passing Over, Religion and Poltergeist Activity.

Life After Death
Your Spiritual Journey - Ray Brown
This special double DVD was exclusively filmed at the wonderful Spiritual Weekend with Paul at Bosworth Hall in Leicester. They feature all the lectures on spiritual teachings given by Paul of Tarsus through the unique mediumship of Raymond Brown. Paul clearly explains our progression through each level in the spirit world to reach the ultimate, final journey back to the Godhead, the Universal Source and Power of All Life

Cyrus - Through the Trance Mediumship Les Driver
Cyrus returns from spirit to reassure and give guidance through medium Les Driver. Guides and Helpers including the Revd George Vale Owen, Tom Edwards, Blue Arrow and Albert also visit which provides for a convivial atmosphere. Many subjects are covered along with How Les Driver came to be a medium. This double DVD compliments the Spiritsinc series in that the message we receive has one common thread running through all...

Spiritsinc DVD Compilation
This DVD includes clips from all 9 productions in the Spiritsinc series.
Mediums filmed include: Irene Sowter, Ron Jordan, Ray Brown, Les Driver, and Colin Fry.

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