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Mediumship '98

A clairvoyance cavalcade organised by Tony Ortzen and reported by Michael Courtney-Hunt


L-R Lyn G de Swarte;Andy Mulligan;Laurie O'Leary;Ron Jordan;Colin Fry;Gordon Smith;Tony Stockwell.

Mediumship '98 was to be an evidential, sometimes sad but mostly humorous event. It was 'Psychic News' editor, Lyn G de Swarte who bravely took the platform first. One of the messages that Lyn delivered was to a lady who was told by the spirit in communication with her was to "take more water with it", which the recipient seemed to understand!

Spirit were prompting this lady to purchase lino instead of a new carpet because they felt this was more practical to which the lady said "too bad", she would get carpet and in her own time which raised the laughter required to finally break the ice. Lyn brought to an end what could be described as a positive performance and it was Colin Fry who was to continue the clairvoyance.

Colin Fry

Colin Fry

Colin had someone from spirit who related to an audience member that a wayward relative of his required help due to a chest complaint and when identified, ample evidence was then forthcoming. The recipient knew exactly who it was that was communicating as he said that he had been 'short-changed' by this lovable rogue saying to Colin that he was going to throttle this relative when he next sees him!!!

Colin was very precise in delivering his messages from spirit and this occasion was no different. He was told to advise a lady where to find some lost jewellery. She was told that after searching for a wedding ring, the one place she hadn't thought of was at the back of her underwear draw in the bedroom. She should find it there when she arrived home!

There was however another lady whose information was far too personal for such a demonstration and Colin advised that it would be more in order to speak to him afterwards to inform her of the whereabouts of a personal item that she was also looking for!!!

Tony Stockwell

Tony Stockwell

Colin finished and waiting to step in next was Tony Stockwell who said that he had been rehearsing his "Good morning", as it was an unusual time of the day for a medium to be demonstrating. He also admitted a tendency to waffle and we were to shout out if he began to bore us. This was a surprising comment because at no point did this actually happen, his messages proving to be absorbing and very accurate indeed.

Tony bought back a baby in spirit and later a road accident victim who were both acknowledged by people in the audience as being relatives from whom they were very relieved to hear from. Later he had with him a suicide victim who had made several attempts at taking their life and incredibly, Tony went directly to the person who gladly accepted the love that was brought by the relative in spirit.

A compassionate and kind man, Tony ended by passing on a message from someone in spirit who had passed about a week previously and whose words to him were "I've just gone, I've just gone". Accurately described, the person was acknowledged immediately by an audience member for whom this kindly soul had brought a bunch of red roses.

Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith

Introduced by Tony Ortzen as being the next Albert Best, Gordon Smith who had flown down from scotland (by plane!), then took the microphone. He asked us to think of our loved ones as being here and acknowledged the comment by Tony Ortzen that the similarity he referred to must lie in the fact that he and Albert drank the same whisky, adding that he came from Glasgow which as everybody knew - he said - was a much better place than Edinburgh.

Gordon's first recipient had been told he was to be given a message and it transpired that he was from Scotland also. On enquiring as to which part he was from he informed us that he was from Edinburgh. The laughter nearly brought the house down as Gordon tried to explain that Edinburgh was really a nice place!

Christian names and surnames were given all of which were accepted and as the microphone was passed from one person to the next, it became clear that most of Gordon's communicators appeared to be from Scotland as were the recipients, the reason for this he said that he must be psychic!

An Alsatian dog was running around and was accepted by someone who asked if this were unusual to which Gordon replied, "It is unusual because he is dead!". I think the audience member may have been asking if there were anything unusual pertaining to the appearance of the dog.

Gordon finally ended with a message from a mother in spirit to her daughter. She said that when her time came to enter the spirit realms it felt as if she were gliding into it and now - as she put it - she loves it.

We then broke for lunch.

Tony Ortzen introduced the second half by saying that although the evidence given may seem inconsequential, when several messages are received together, it is that which gives it conviction.

Psychic Art

L-R Ron Jordan;Tony Stockwell;Lyn G. de Swarte

Mediumship '98 then continued with a demonstration of psychic art. Actor Andy Mulligan was to be the artist whilst Gordon Smith was to give clairvoyance. Included amongst the drawings was a severe, authoritative looking lady with whom Andy pointed out he most certainly would not argue as whilst communicating with him made him change the way he drew her hair on three occasions!

This lady was accepted by an audience member who it transpired knew her to be a landlady and a stickler for a particular hairstyle refusing to let anyone touch her hair and insisting that she be the one to style everyone else's. The drawings were superb and so lifelike that it would be difficult not to recognize a relative if they were your own.

Gordon and Andy were working very much in unison, receiving much the same information from spirit so that where one left off the other would continue with the message. All five drawings were accepted and could be collected afterwards. The fascinating thing about the drawings were the incredible speed at which they were carried out and although two of them were already drawn it still did not leave Gordon much time to give evidence whilst the artist was at work!

A member of the audience who related that her relative would not have been seen dead in a spiritualist church had pointed out to her that it would be her only means of communication. A poignant reminder to those who remark that if their loved ones who have died wanted to communicate they would have returned “before their very eyes” by now.

Ron Jordan

Large as life Liverpudlian, Ron Jordan Ron Jordan was to follow and Tony Ortzen advised that if it were spirit pigs, horses or even camels you were after then Ron was your man!

Taking his time, organiser Laurie O'Leary took the microphone to someone at the back of the audience. Ron said "I'll have some gin while I'm waiting!"

A young man who had taken his own life returned to express his regret at what he had done and would be with this particular person every day and was going to try and make up for it as best he could.

Ron - unaware that he was addressing the medium Irene Sowter - went on to give her a message from Gordon Higginson with whom there was also a very strong spirit presence and the message was that very soon that media coverage would be a possibility for her. He realised then that this lady must be a medium and suggested it might be a good idea to introduce themselves later!

To come for others present were messages from a grandmother who explained that she had predicted her death and was one day out, a ferret (which Ron said was not going down his trousers!) and finally a del’ boy type came through to inform his brother of his well being and was able to communicate a physical condition to Ron. When the person in the audience was questioned regarding the nature of the problem with the foot, he replied that it was run over by a truck to which Ron then replied, "No wonder my foot hurt!" He then left us with a thought; "Some people think that it’s nice to be important but its more important to be nice."

Trance guide Magnus

Trance guide Magnus

As ever the appreciative audience clapped appreciatively after which we were to have the company of Magnus who is the trance control of Colin Fry.

After being asked to quiet, Noah’s Ark President George Cranley was to formally introduce Magnus who greeted us with his customary "Good day to you my friends."

The first question related to events surrounding a vicious hammer attack on a woman and two children after which two of them died. Magnus was asked why it was that spirit could not inform someone on our side of life as to whom the perpetrator of this savage act was. Magnus replied in short saying that it may be possible to engage the help of a medium in such circumstances.

A Voice from the Light

He added, "What negativity has been done unto the perpetrator to make him act in this way?" and then asked "is it the responsibility of spirit to catch the perpetrator?". He suggested that we look to our side of life for the answer by asking ourselves what we could have done to prevent this as "treating the symptoms does not treat the cause." Magnus expressed regret that this violent act happened and asked us to extend our healing thoughts not only towards those bereaved but also towards the perpetrators of such violent acts.

You could almost feel it coming but re-incarnation was to be the next enquiry on the agenda. Magnus replied "Oh dear", to which everybody laughed, which relieved the heavy atmosphere relating to the previous question.

Expounding in as much detail as time would allow, Magnus concluded, "Re-incarnation is not an appropriate word, there has to be progression and re-incarnation suggests repetition and stagnation and because of the many levels of possibility and opportunity we should journey in unison with all life having no dominion over one another."

Nearer the Light DVD

The next enquiry was regarding the subject of materialisation and why is it so rare. Magnus simply said "Give us the conditions and we will come."

"To achieve materialisation" he explained, "We have to aspire to spirituality and should all draw together to create a harmonious vibration which unfortunately does not happen at present and only when conditions are right are they able to do this."

Magnus suggested that we should rejoice when people die as this is their re-birth and it is only something inside you that dies when the person moves on but they are only just beyond our view. As he points out "the greatest lie is death, I defy anybody to call me dead." This brought forth uproarious laughter from everybody at the venue after which he pointed out that, and I quote "you are more dead and lost than we are", which continued the laughter.

Magnus, as ever did not disappoint and as is his way gave us food for thought but we were running short of time. To end we were asked to extend our thoughts to those people beside us and to join hands with each other which in itself demonstrated a very powerful realisation that we do not really think of ourselves as much more than singularity.

Bryan Gibson

Bryan Gibson.

Over many years, popular medium Bryan Gibson has reunited countless thousands of people with their loved ones in spirit.

Starting by informing us that it was unusual for him to be working without Coral Polge (the world renowned psychic artist), he then went on to deliver some breathtaking clairvoyance.

Firstly there was evidence from a father in spirit who wanted to communicate that although he loved breeding dogs on earth plane he could continue this where he was which is great, the only drawback being that now he has no customers for them!
A lady right at the back was delighted to receive communication from a relative who informed her that since passing she has never had to pay for a packet of fags because they are free!

The information from spirit was non-stop and it was an amazing experience just watching this man.

A personal message

 Michael Courtney-Hunt

Then it came. "The man in the corner". That was me!
I was writing something down when I felt a nudge and saw people staring in my direction. I refused the first spirit communicator on the grounds that I did not know anybody in the R.A.F. After Brian gave further evidence, I then remembered that my father was in the royal air medical corps during the war and now felt it was he that was attempting to come through Brian.

He talked of computers, office work, and the mention of the name Michael. Brian couldn't have known my name but I needed a few more details to convince me that it was my message, but then, you have to be sure.

The significance of the computer for instance is that as a video producer I need specific computer hardware and emphasis on the fact that I kept on and on talking about it was in fact correct, my wife frequently telling me to shut up and just get it!!! So, this detail was very important to me.

"Who’s Wendy?" asked Brian.
"My sister". (How could he have known that, I thought).
"You have been thinking of moving?"
"You will be moving."
"So I've been told"
"Oh, you've been told, who told you that?"
"The wife", I said, which raised a laugh.
This must have lifted the vibrations a bit because he brought back from spirit information regarding an uncle, a Jack Russell terrier, and also information regarding how I feel, think and to what I aspire all of which left me astounded.

My father sent his love and asked if I would accept this which of course I did, after which I then thanked Brian.

The little things..

Re-iterating that which Tony Ortzen said about little things adding up, this was a perfect example that it is not necessary for spirit to astound and amaze you, instead rather relying on the fact that it is often the subtlety of communicable evidence which proves that life after death is in fact, a reality.

Of paramount importance however, is that communication should be through established mediums as a trained medium will know how to deliver a message with compassion for it can be a truly emotional experience not only for the recipient but also for the spirit communicators themselves.


Tony Ortzen introduced the finale. Unusually, all five mediums went on stage together to give clairvoyance which turned out to be very successful and smooth in its execution.

Mediums gave messages to members of the audience who, after an appreciable round of applause were asked to join together in song to end a very successful mediumship ‘98.

The evidence from spirit was in abundance and some comfort must have been felt by those who made the tremendous effort to return to make us aware that they are very much alive.


At the conclusion of the demonstration, the thought uppermost in my mind came from Magnus and it is that no matter how badly you paint your canvas in life, when the time comes for review in the spirit world, progression is open to all.

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