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Ron Jordan - 'Spirit Guides' DVD

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Spirit Guides - Ron Jordan

Ron Jordan's Guide, 'George'

Spirit Guides - Ron Jordan

"The Earth itself is in a terrible state..And there will be great floods..There will be volcanic reactions..There can be no other way because the imbalance is already there."

2012: A prediction and stark warning that if the Earth is continually abused and things do not change then those forces which have devastated the earth already will recur to become even more damaging than before. (Heavy stuff - MCH )


Ron jordan in trance state

A succinct and compassionate trance guide, George invites questions relating to any subject but will become particularly interested when asked about his favourite subject, that of reincarnation.

"You must understand, you are mind energy but you have an etheric body and the body of the spirit is the exact duplicate of you.

"The spirit body is the vehicle of your soul. Without reincarnation, how can you possibly experience what it is like to be in the mothers womb, or a child that passed at an early age, or many other things that can only be experienced whilst in contact with that spirit.. "


The Earth is in a Terrible State

When asked to describe the Spirit World.
"I describe it as such. Whilst this particular communication is taking place, We (the spirit group) sit on banks of grass in the warm as though we are having a day out. But we sit by the stream of dancing music and what happens is as the water flows down this particular stream and the water cascades over the pebbles musical notes are emitted from the water. If that is not heaven, I do not know what is!"

Our Aim

What Neil and I found interesting when chatting to George during what was supposed to be our interview of him, he could recognise our enquiries but answered what might be considered the mental question. In other words before the enquiry was put to him he was ready to answer what we were thinking of asking him.
What became worrying was when he answered before we even uttered the question which left nothing to ask!

And so it was in the trance meeting at Acton on the night we were filming the opening speech from George . It was as if he knew what we were all thinking and answered those questions that were not going to be asked which to me at least, were both significant and extraordinary.

Being put together in such a way as to include a few subjects covered previously, we sought to illustrate that although different in personality, spirit guides will give a similar account of their experience relating to the Spirit world.

This should highlight and consolidate subjects about which there seems to be differing views i.e. Karma, Reincarnation and Vegetarianism to name but a few.

Part One

Chatty Cats

Introduction | Transition | Judgment on Arrival | Religion | What is God | The Higher Mind | | Pets and Animals | Vegetarianism | What is Hell

Part Two

Karma | Reincarnation | 2012 | Awareness | Mediums | Evolvement | An Open Mind | Love | Special People | In Loving Memory | Productions

Since creation, an immeasurably superior force has cradled Humankind in this world..But for how much longer?

Filmed in February 2005 - Duration: 72mins

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