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Ray Brown - 'Spirit Surgeon' DVD

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Spirit Surgeon DVD

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Ray Brown

Spirit Surgeon DVD

Ray Brown was destined to become a spiritual healer from birth, being deemed perfectly suitable for this task by Paul of Tarsus, a Rabbi who lived over two thousand years ago.

Experiencing out-of-body phenomena from an early age, Ray eventually joined a healing group. Healing became a way of life for Ray, once even being picked from an audience to assist the great Harry Edwards at only seventeen years of age.

Through his teenage years, Ray continued his mediumship assisted by trance medium George Jones with whom he sat to develop trance.


Ray Brown

After many years of preparation in the Spirit world Paul had already chosen Ray to work with him, and about to give it all up at the age of twenty one, Paul finally came through.

A persecutor of the Christians, it wasn't until he was on the road to Damascus - where after witnessing a vision of Jesus - that Paul converted to Christianity

Heavy with fever and becoming blind, he went on to Damascus where he met Ananius who cured him of his blindness after which for many years, Paul preached the teachings of Jesus to the people right up until the time of his execution by the Romans in A.D. 67.

Paul of the Corinthians

What is so common amongst Paul's Patients is the failing of conventional medicine to facilitate or complete a cure. Indeed, with some, mainstream medicine had given up altogether.

With Paul's guidance over the years, both Ray and wife Gillian continue working to help ease and cure many types of illness - as this DVD will show - but we start with Paul, as he describes his feelings during the hours leading up to his final moments on this Earth plane.


Executed by the Romans

Jesus of Nazareth

Ray's spirit guide Paul speaks about his life on the Earth plane and how he came to preach the words of Jesus of Nazareth after first seeing a vision of him on the road to Damascus. This led to his execution in A.D. 67 and from where the chronicle of these events start.

The DVD is then divided into three sections.


Part One

Ray Brown Junior

Part one is an introduction to Ray Brown, his wife Gillian and their work at one of their many clinics. During his childhood years Ray contracted T.B. and had to be withdrawn from school because of this.

Life was not easy for Ray as in one instance he recounts the time when at only eight years old he was lined up against a wall to be shot by his drunken stepfather along with his mother and brother.
It was only the intervention of his gran, armed with a frying pan that saved them all from being killed!

Life continued with Ray having 'out-of body' experiences until his mother decided that something should be done about this.

Ray Brown in his teens

Gillian Brown, an intelligent and articulate woman - herself a medium - goes on to explain about her early experiences as a child and ultimately how she met Raymond.
She recalls the time when a healer at her local church kept mentioning the name, Ray Brown to her so finally taking his advice she went to see him.
She remembers thinking, "He's scruffy. Is that a medium", after which she goes on to describe her other thoughts at that time!

However, it wasn't until Paul came through to Raymond one day and insisted that he phone Gillian -even though he had no desire to do so - that they finally got together and got married.
What was surprising about the phone call was that it was not Ray who spoke to Gillian; it was Paul!

Part Two


Quite how Ray made it to his twenties is beyond belief as in part two he explains how he fell 180 feet from a crane and broke his neck.
He survived - miraculously - only to be involved in a multiple car pile-up after being gassed by toxic fumes.
Both incidents should have resulted in his death but as he describes this time, it becomes clear that it was spirit intervention which prevented this from happening.

Seeing Paul working through Ray at his demonstrations of Spiritual surgery, it's easy to forget that it's actually Spirit working through a human body. But as time passes, the differences become noticeable firstly in that Paul has a slight - but very well spoken - foreign accent. Secondly, Paul seems very much more relaxed as even Ray admits. "I get very nervous before a demonstration."

Wrestler - John Bundock

Essentially, it is up to the hosts to help people relax and come to terms with the fact that they are going to receive the best help that spirit can give and this is achieved admirably by all three, Ray, Gillian and Paul. The serious work can then begin. "Did you say serious!"

Extremely funny, Paul is one of the most humorous beings I've had the pleasure to meet. He even has the patients laughing whilst performing surgery on them and don't forget, some of these people are in a lot of discomfort!

Paul jests about the corridors in spirit even joking about Peter locking the gates when he gets back late because he keeps dropping in to Paddy's bar on the way back up! "But it's alright, I've cut a hole in it!"
"It amuses us in spirit to talk like that!" he says.


Gillian is often asked who she prefers, Ray or Paul. Her answer to that is:
"I live with two men. One I work with, the other I live with. Guess!"

The DVD shows a typical demonstration, on this occasion at The Southend School for the Disabled and everybody who was operated on by Paul that evening reported an improvement of some kind.
For others, the alleviation from pain left them so emotional it was difficult not to think that 'miracles' happened that evening.

One person even said it was how they would have imagined Jesus healing in his time on the Earth plane.

Part Three

This section is dedicated to an interview with Paul where he informs us of his life on the Earth plane and the events leading up to his blinding on the road to Damascus.

He also discusses subjects relating to reincarnation, karma, transition to the Spirit world and how he came to meet Jesus.

The psychic and spiritual aspect and the difference between the two methods are also raised and discussed is the non-invasive way in which he works, saying, "there is no reason to use a knife", and then going on to inform us of an experiment that he carried out on a patient - with her consent - many years before.

Not being complete without the medical point of view, there is Sue - a State Registered Nurse and professional Homeopath - and Elly - chartered physiotherapist - both of whom work with Paul who tell us that they have never known him to be incorrect in his diagnoses of patients conditions.

They both in fact point out that some of the operations they have seen couldn't possibly have been attempted by the medical profession.

Close to suicide until he met Ray and Gillian, former wrestler John Bundock says:
"When Paul operates on you, there is no blood, no pain and no embarrassment."

Quite amazing also is that several people on seeing the sample tapes have experienced some form of healing so included in 'Spirit Surgeon' are two minutes in which to concentrate on Paul's portrait so that you may link with him for the purpose of receiving absent healing.

Final Message

We end with Paul on the question of what his advice would be to anyone on the Earth plane.

He says: "Simplicity is the key and we should all learn to love one another."

The voice of Trance Guide 'Paul' through Ray Brown.

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