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Colin Fry at the Gateway >>


Michael Courtney-Hunt

The first meeting with Colin Fry

Psychic News. January 1st, 2000

When both Colin Fry and Michael Courtney-Hunt met for the first time, they were not to know that this eventually would lead to an event that was to help bring comfort, reassurance and a fresh outlook to many people's lives.

They both work in entirely different fields. Michael is a keen Photographer and Video Editor whilst Colin is a Physical and Trance Medium.

This fresh outlook on life (or more appropriately, `life after death') was made possible through a different type of medium, that of DVD!

Medium Colin Fry

"I was interested in finding out more about Trance Mediumship and although books are informative", says Michael, "I was somewhat dismayed to find that what I was searching for could not be found to be readily available on tape. So when friends suggested that we attend a demonstration of Trance Mediumship with Colin Fry, I went along."

The venue was Vestry Road Spiritualist Church, Walthamstow, at which Colin Fry was to demonstrate his amazing gift of Trance Mediumship with trance guide Magnus.


The demonstration began with clairvoyance, evidence from which was remarkably accurate during and even after the demonstration.
"Anything that cannot be accepted straight away may become evident to the recipient later on in the evening, people often coming up to me afterwards to let me know that after considering the evidence it became apparent who the communication was from, which is nice" says Colin, "But it is better for those attempting to come through that the evidence is accepted sooner rather than later as this raises the energy levels vital for communication for that particular person's communicator to come through."

Colin Fry and Trance Guide Magnus

"If someone in Spirit gives me a message for a member of the audience and it is not at first accepted, I will not change or bend what is said to fit. But", continues Colin, "what also must be realised is that Spirit communicators do not miraculously change their ways when they pass over, so if they swore on this plane of existence then they will probably also use expletives when communicating through me!
"To save embarrassment, and because the evidence is sometimes of a highly confidential nature, I will ask the recipient to see me after the demonstration to explain what it was that their loved one actually desired that be communicated."


Magnus Healing through Colin Fry

The second half half the evening was a demonstration of Trance with Colin's guide Magnus, and all in attendance were advised to be seated, as approaching or touching the medium whilst in trance could be injurious.

"I was within a few feet of Colin and and do not mind admitting that I was a little apprehensive and possibly even a little in awe of the circumstances. I was certainly reluctant to ask any questions" says Michael, "but as the evening progressed I realised that it was quite unnecessary to feel this way."
A young lady, having what would normally be perceived as an abnormality, enquired of Magnus exactly that, "When will I be normal?" Magnus then queried "My dear, do you feel normal?" to which she replied that she did. Magnus then reassured, "then let no one tell you that you are not."

"This very real compassion illustrated the depth and purity from spirit and as such was to change my way of thinking from then on".



"By the time I was ready with my enquiry it was too late, as Magnus had expressed a desire to give healing to some of those in the audience!"
Colin, still in trance-state, walked amongst the congregation to give healing and was closely watched over by his manager. Comments Paul, "Although I fear for Colin's safety, it isn't often that Magnus desires to go into the audience but if he insists on searching someone out for special treatment there really is no way that we can prevent this."


Michael details, "I had a strong desire to approach Colin as I had seen sufficient evidence-I thought-to encourage people to consider the concept of life after death, and later asked if he would allow me to film him."
Colin divulges "Michael asked if I would consider making a video and because of the confidence and enthusiasm that he exudes alongside the fact that he had an understanding and an awareness of spirit, I was convinced that he would represent myself and my spirit guide Magnus in a positive way."

Unconditional Love

Baby Scan

"As the evening progressed Magnus answered many enquiries and it became clear that the overriding message was to aspire to unconditional love.
"This certainly was refreshing and then I realised that we must be part of something infinitely greater than we could possibly imagine."

"I was confident that I could represent Colin's mediumship accurately and after a couple of months thought he contacted me to make arrangements to start filming."


Colin Fry - Magnus Guides DVD

Explains Michael "I had managed to persuade the hospital to let me film the scan of my unborn daughter which afterwards I thought could represent the start of life and therefore found it perfect footage as an introduction.
"I found that the scan images worked perfectly when used in conjunction with the very philosophical words of Magnus so this was used at the beginning of this my first production.
All that remained was for Colin to sanction the results so far."

"After filming at several demonstrations of clairvoyance and trance mediumship, Michael sent me a demo tape of the first 90 seconds of the production which he had entitled Magnus Guides.
"On seeing the result I was so amazed that I phoned him straight away because I wanted to see the rest of the production but he informed me that it wasn't yet completed!"
Continues Colin "There was even a live scan of Michael's unborn daughter Helen!"
Laughs Michael, "I think Colin was surprised at the results of my editing."

The Future

A Voice from the Light

"Over the ensuing months, I was eager that my mediumship was to be filmed so I gave Michael permission to carry this out whenever he felt it necessary." Colin continues, "Michael has the ability to convey the personality of Magnus as far as is possible on video which is very important, however I was not prepared for the surprise in store when his second production - something I wanted to be called 'A Voice From the Light' - was completed. I thought it was brilliant."

"I wanted to create something that people would enjoy and as well as learn from but also something which could follow on from and compliment Magnus Guides."
Enthused Michael, "I wanted to help people understand that Spirit contact is not something to be afraid of and also that there is a better explanation for our existence. I wanted to share what I had learned and feel that I have succeeded in breaking down at least some of the barriers and have received letters to prove this."

Colin continues, "Both productions, 'A Voice from the Light' and 'Magnus Guides' put across a good case for mediumship and are also an excellent vehicle in favour of the argument for life after death but deals with the subject in a kind and positive way.
"These tapes contain some very contentious issues but have been produced with sensitivity and integrity, which is why their effect makes such impact" says Colin, "but apart from the professionalism apparent in their making, I can't see how he will better these DVD's - especially A Voice from the Light."

Nearer the Light

"In the new year; Michael and I will be filming further Trance demonstrations and I look forward to working on other projects with him."


Magnus states that he is only a part of a group in spirit named 'The Diamond' and the wisdom he imparts from his side of life is that to aspire to unconditional love should be our supreme goal".

"We have both learned something of each other's craft whilst working together" laughs Michael, "I am now sitting in circle whilst I believe Colin is blowing the dust off his old box brownie"!

Colin Fry at the Gateway >>

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