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Colin Fry at Broadway

There are various ways in which Spirit will manifest to communicate the fact of survival.

Trance medium Colin Fry

Clairvoyance seems to be the most popular and accepted by the majority, above even healing and the fine philosophy which can be communicated through trance mediumship. Many fine mediums who as well as using all their abilities of trance, healing and clairvoyance to help people come to terms with what we call death, will give priority to clairvoyance in an effort to get messages to those who require them.

As much an advantage to spirit as it is to the recipient of any communication there are indeed additional ways in which we can learn to be at one with ourselves and in turn with those on the Spirit side. Too much reliance on the medium to "perform" along with much criticism levelled at the way in which they use their gift in persuading people to reach for their wallets makes you wonder why they bother at all.

This goes for high profile as well not so well known mediums, all who will (or should) tell you that they carry out their work through love and compassion for their fellow man. How many people for instance would be willing to give anything to bring their child, mother, brother or sister back from the "dead".

Colin Fry Signing Autographs

A sad and unfortunate inevitability is that there will always be somebody who will say that they can but can't guarantee results unless you pay them an exhorbitant fee! Accepting that a genuine medium is there to help guide and generally reassure people of the wider picture regarding our continual existence you could argue that our mediums remain very underpaid! Fortunately the more enlightened of us realise this.

It could be said that the more that can be helped at one time the better which is why I was delighted to be asked along to a "demonstration" in my home town of Peterborough by Colin Fry who was to deliver an evening of clairvoyance. I took my seat in the packed theatre to watch Colin, who was appearing in what was named-tongue in cheek presumably-"The Happy Medium Tour"!

I was intrigued by the first half which started with an introduction by this happy medium after which he asked that everyone unfold their arms so as to be less defensive and thus allow the energy to flow for better contact!

Colin converses with audience members

Having documented Colinís work in a series of DVD's, I was delighted to discover that he still maintains that unique charm and endearing style he always had and it is easy to see why he is so popular, some of the audience having travelled hundreds of miles to be there

On receiving messages, Colin converses with spirit in very much the same way he does with audience members but at times, the task of imparting these is not helped by the reticence of some of the audience to engage in conversation with him and therefore spirit - they may be shy or closed minded, for example.

Colin does manage to find a way to overcome these problems, although at times this audience reluctance must be rather frustrating for spirit and rather irksome for mediums in general. However he is always so determined to pass on what he receives and offer it up exactly as it is given to him. At one point Colin wished to reach someone who was guarded about letting their child take up kick-boxing. Going to a possible recipient with this message, it took about a minute before Colin perceived it unlikely that it was for this person.

Colin awaiting questions

Lesser mediums would have given up at this stage as there seemed no one in the very large audience who could relate to its detail. He insisted the message was in a certain area and came to a lady who, retracting into her seat reluctantly accepted the information only after a little persistence from those with her, after which it transpired she did indeed have a family member whom she didnít want to take up what she considered to be a dangerous activity.......but spirit told her to relax about the whole thing and reminded her of the Grandfather who was a boxer and he had come to no harm!

Nothing amazing about the message except to illustrate the point about considered persistence and going to where they are drawing you when youíre on platform or stage. Sometimes the small things can give a reading such conviction. Just before the interval a young boy called Kevin came through and needed to find his carer to give her a message. Eventually the carer was found - she was a MacMillan nurse and the information accepted. We did wonder however, if the information received was in fact enough for this lady to be convinced who young Kevin was ....but so happy to be there Kevin kept on talking to Colin and we heard a lot from Kevin and not so much from the nurse. Presumably she was in awe and maybe a little emotional at the situation.

Colin Fry giving guidance

Continually throughout the first half a young disabled lad called Sammy kept popping into Colinís mind. This lad eventually was able to bring a father and brother-in-law through, both having passed a few days earlier; the message being for two friends in the audience. Although Sammy was not known to the two friends at the time, there was evidence enough for those he brought through. Colin asked if the two could check Sammy out with the family and subsequently the young Sammy was validated.

After the interval, reflecting on his early life, Colin informed us that someone told him once that there are three things that happen once you reach the age of forty. One is that you tend to forget things and the other two he couldnít quite remember! He recounted as a young boy that Doris Stokes had informed him he would do television work when he reached 40! As so often was the case with Doris, she was spot on. Colin received his own first message from spirit when he was 4, telling him that his great grandpa had passed over and sure enough the next day it was confirmed. Sad news for a toddler.

Colin sharing a Joke

When he was 9 he saw an ambulance pass by and Colinís grandfather advised that he hurry home finding on arrival that his mother had fallen down the stairs. Just before the second half of clairvoyance began questions were posed by the audience, one of which enquired of his guides. Colin mentioned "Spiritsinc" and the work we had done together naming the three DVD's available from the Spiritsinc web site,"Magnus Guides", "A Voice from the Light", and "Nearer the Light", along with how to find information on his guide "Magnus" at www.spiritsinc.co.uk.

Returning to the MacMillan nurse. The lady eventually recognised Kevin, the especially poignant reminder being that she was the only one allowed to place her hands on him.Said she has the privilege of caring for many very sick people and Kevin was a loving boy with a strong character and he especially couldnít bear his feet being touched . She would sometimes joke that she would tickle his feet when he became very cross with himself and everyone else! A lot more information was forthcoming after the love-link had been forged and you could almost hear a pin drop and from the huge video screens behind Colin.

Bidding farewell till the next time

It was obvious that something had touched people in the audience who were visibly moved. A man came through who was murdered by two men after trying to assist a person who was being brutally beaten. Gasps from the audience died down as although the relatives were not in attendance the spirit gentlemen required that the message be passed on to family that no revenge should be sought.

A woman in the audience suddenly realised that she knew the relatives of the murdered person and that one of them had indeed said revenge would be sought and promised the person who had been murdered that his message would be relayed with the urgency that he was requesting. Without going into detail i.e. names etc, there was enough evidence to support the reality of the message to convince the recipients-and indeed all of us - that firstly Colin had primarily been pointed to the correct recipient and secondly that revenge causes more harm than good.
This was spiritual reality at work helping to ease a potentially terrible scenario.

Some happy audience members

Colin apologised for not being able to give everyone a direct message but reminded us - Ďthe greatest lie is death, there is no deathí and, with sincerity, voiced how we can all send out a thought and touch our departed loved ones.

Colin exhibited compassion, dedication and consideration as he delivered his clairvoyance, especially in the face of some mixed beliefs. As a result there were many that evening who went home with a slightly different take on life and death, who left with a seed well planted and a spiritual alarm clock set to go off when their path of progression deemed it necessary. Another night passed by and a few more open souls received a little bit more proof of the existence of the spirit realms proving that no matter how many messages are received, many many people through the experience of others can benefit and our mediums are worth more to us than gold.

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