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Colin Fry - 'A Voice From the Light' DVD

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Colin Fry - 'A Voice from the Light' DVD

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A Voice From the Light

Astonishingly, the content of this DVD represents less than half of the manner in which spirit actually work through Colin Fry and although intended as a one hour production has been extended to 89 minutes. This is to include an interview with Colin in which he describes his feelings relating to Magnus and also describing his very first spirit contact, Bobby...

"The Spiritually edifying, 'A Voice from the Light', is a ground breaking film that seeks to bring Magnus to virtual life..."
Editor -Psychic News


Colin at Walthamstow

Covered firstly are the ever controversial and much debated issues of: reincarnation, karma, and suicide which are dealt with in a very intelligent and concise manner amongst which there are also enquiries relating to euthanasia, Spirit Rescue Bogus Mediums True Wisdom Finding a Medium Finding a Circle, the location of the Spirit world and the process of transition to our next existence.

Topics such as releasing animal kind from pain, spirit rescue, and poltergeist activity, are also discussed.

Fortune telling...

Magnus welcome

Former earthly evil dictators come under scrutiny as does the actual location of Hell. An alternative view regarding prison philosophy, the ten commandments and a perspective on astrology, astronomy, fortune tellers and tarot readers are contemplated along with thoughts on the 'Tall dark stranger' syndrome!



Magnus healing

Audience participation in a very simple exercise demonstrates that the Spirit world is only just beyond our perception and is not as far or as distant as we might imagine. Becoming acquainted with Magnus makes you aware of his somewhat dry sense of wit evident even whilst healing as in this instance he suggests quite an unusual, but harmless remedy to relieve stress and tension for a lady picked from the audience after firstly being forced to open his eyes and look at - as he puts it - us ghosts!!!


Colin's photograph album

Colin with manager

The close of this DVD uses a lighting mix concept alongside specially written music for use in conjunction with the portrait of Magnus which ends showing a collection of rare photos of a very young Colin Fry (kindly loaned by Colin's mother, Margaret).
Designed to relax the viewer at the end instead of having to face a blank screen immediately at the conclusion of a production a slightly darkened room may give a more calming effect.

Subjects Covered

young Colin Fry

Euthanasia | The location of the Spirit world | The process of transition | Releasing animal-kind from pain | Former evil dictators

The perception of Hell | Prison philosophy | Astrology | Astronomy | Fortune tellers | Tall dark strangers | The Ten Commandments

Spirit rescue | Poltergeist activity | Reincarnation | Karma | Suicide


A Voice From The Light - Reviews

DVD - A Voice from the Light

As popular as they have been, entitled, 'A Voice from the Light', this is a ground breaking film that seeks to bring Magnus, the spiritual guide who speaks through medium Colin Fry, to virtual life.

The spiritually edifying contents of 'A Voice From The Light' are compelling enough, but there is also fascinating information about Magnus himself, and this is reflected in a wonderful spirit inspired portrait of him on the DVD cover.

Shakti Joy is the Australian psychic artist who painted the 'old man', as Colin calls him, and he was personally thrilled when he received the picture. Colin told PN that it is the absolute image of Magnus as he sees him today, and even as he first saw him (all those years ago) when he was a child.

The new production made by Michael Courtney-Hunt of 'Tribute' and 'Magnus Guides' fame, is set to break `box office records'.

Editor - Psychic News.

A Voice From The Light

DVD - A Voice from the Light

In my review of the `Magnus Guides' production in March 1999, I commented upon the obvious professionalism accompanying its production. I therefore did not consider it possible that this could be duplicated, or improved upon: however on seeing 'A Voice From The Light', I must now acknowledge I was in error.

This title presents a fascinating insight into the mediumship of Colin Fry and the overall subject of successful physical mediumship. At the beginning, Colin says the DVD (now on DVD), is to develop, extend and expand upon what had been presented in the previous one, and this is certainly achieved. The DVD not only presents Colin working as a medium, but Colin as a person: it includes photographs of him as a youngster with his family. This serves as an important reminder that mediums are persons rather than merely information-relaying machines as some would appear to view them.

There are also several lengthy pieces of Magnus taIking, some of which are occasions of `question and answer sessions' with audience members. In these, Magnus is asked a wide range of questions, and he deals with the relevant subjects: these cover a wide range of topics such as reincarnation, suicide, animal survival, unacceptable mediumship and euthanasia, to name but a few.

In one of his talks, Magnus discusses the passage from this world to the next and how some are unable' to accept this transition due to obsession with the earth and the physical realm. In this respect he mentions the work of rescue circles and how Spirit works in cooperation with circle members to assist those who have gone astray.

Part of the production has Magnus recalling his earthly life and with obvious sadness he describes how he was governed by materialism. Having described his earthly life as a 'waste', he warns that we should not waste those opportunities which arise. As Magnus speaks of his mistakes, the DVD presents imagery of the period when Magnus lived. During this time, and others, there is a pleasant musical background. As in `Magnus Guides', the DVD includes a clever alternation between Colin and Magnus.

On one of the several occasions when Colin speaks about his mediumship, he refers to his work overseas and mentions how on these travels he has realised the good fortune of Spiritualists in Britain with their history, writers, and network of churches lacking in so many countries overseas. He stresses that such journeys overseas are not glamorous but hard work and undertaken to spread the message of Spirit with the reward of knowing he has been able to provide evidence to sitters. He adds that wherever he goes, he encounters the same type of person - those who are receptive, or sceptical, or wholly cynical and unwilling to accept any form of evidence. The DVD, lasting 89 minutes, does not suddenly end as so often happens with recordings, but gently finishes with a series of photographs and imagery which cannot fail to move anyone who is watching.

I cannot do anything but warmly recommend this DVD.

DJN ( Noah's Ark Society )

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