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True Wisdom

A Simple Life

Evil is man made - not of God.

The true beginning to wisdom is to realise you know nothing at all.

You must believe in something. To believe in just yourself is not enough. Keep the belief simple.

The rosebud; the morning in summer; the love of Christ. These are the things that cannot be counterfeited. The joys of life - a fresh herring cooked over a candle; to get your wages when you are hungry; sitting in the rose arbour with a pipe of good tobacco and a pint of beer. A lovely drop of rain to clear the air.
So wonderfully simple - but so marvelous - you cannot really describe it.

When I was a boy times were hard but there was a certain satisfaction in managing - now things come so easily. You did not mug old ladies. People could walk the streets safely at night.

The elderly are frightened - this is an alien world. We have lost all Christian feeling - anything goes. Food is polluted, the Earth is polluted, the sea is polluted. If things do not change, the planet will die.

Don't argue over trifles - taken in the whole context of life - it is ridiculous. Money saves all practical problems. You cannot expect Divine intervention in things that are of man's own stupidity and doing.

I hope to be judged not for the things I have done, but for the things I have tried to do.

I am quite satisfied with the life the Lord gave me.

Michael Henry Hunt

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