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Neil Stroud

Neil Stroud

Neil Stroud's views on helping to save our planet

'Tipped Off'

For the best part of this century, communications from other worldly entities have carried the message of upcoming Earth changes. Through channellers or trance mediums like Nancy Fullwood, Edgar Cayce, David Jevons and Ann Walker, we are 'tipped off' by these General consciousness of impending global catastrophe.

Teachings of Ramala

I recall from the Ramala teachings, how we are told, through David Jevons, of the natural Earth changes to come. That they are positive and inevitable-we cannot stop them.
However, the Ramala teachings go on to say that there is a strong possibility humanity will initiate this cycle of planetary transformation at an earlier time than has been ordained by the infinite Spirit and that this will cause great suffering; both for humanity and the planet, that need not otherwise have occurred. The available scientific facts now back this up.

Forced from a scientific community slowly accepting the implications of the new evidence, these facts are devastating for future Earth.

Dying Earth

We must remember though, that theories of effect and consequence are not proven by fact alone. Theories are essentially proven only when the general scientific consensus is in the approving majority.
If we wait for the consensus to grow to the majority, and act, it may well be too late.
I first met John E Brandenburg and Monica Rix Paxson, via the College of Psychic Studies, at the Institute Francais, South West London, where they were lecturing. They had just published their book, 'Dead Mars, Dying Earth', to reveal the new revised truths about global warming and pollution. Brandenburg had been investigating carbon dioxide on Mars and during studies on carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere, he had cause to re-check his data. Following this, he contacted the world's benchmark air pollution monitoring station at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii.
He was gravely concerned by the spiraling acceleration and rate of atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, particularly from 1960 to present. He prayed he might be wrong - he wasn't. Mauna Loa compared his data. Two months later, feeling the heat from Brandenburg's uncoverings, Mauna Loa went public with this information.

Carbon dioxide threat

Carbon dioxide is a killer gas above a certain level. It should be called carbon `Die-oxide'. As levels of concentration increase respiratory problems will manifest extensively, the ability of our bodies to use oxygen within our cells will be altered - asthma sufferers will feel it first. Carbon dioxide will also add to and exasperate the global warming situation.
The yearly rate of increase of this gas is now out of control and 'pay back' time is just around the corner. Combined with carbon monoxide emissions, fossil fuel burning, this 'payback' may be only ten years away. Brandenburg explained that there were solutions - but we must act now! If we don't Ramala will be right and the transformation will not come naturally. It will be prematurely triggered by humankind, a terrible calamity, unnatural and unspiritual.
We cannot let this happen. We must stop burning fossil fuels by switching to alternative energy sources.

Alternative Energy

Fusion or 'star' energy should be fully funded and developed. The electric car should be available to the mass market. It does work. Let the rich countries of the world buy air from the rain forest countries and in return they begin re-forestation. We get to breathe, they get stable economics. Public transportation must be developed on a huge worldwide scale. Bodies like the Peace Corps could be mobilised to plant billions of trees, utilise solar energy, wind power and hydro power.
We are now able to create and manage any earthly biosphere we want. The only obstacle is ourselves.


You would be forgiven for thinking Brandenburg is an environmentalist - an eco-warrior, a friend of the Earth. John E Brandenburg is Establishment, a Phd Plasma Physicist, rocket propulsion scientist and a one-time advisor on the `Star Wars' project. If someone like him presses the 'panic button' then we really are in trouble.
At present, science and world leaders are doing little. They gamble with our planet and it is up to us freethinkers to lobby them until they act. The odds look good to the top people, at the moment, but our planet was never meant to be gambled with - we only have one.

Everyone can help. Read the book. Act now.

The thief in the night creeps upon us as we sleep.