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Animal Healing

Charlie and Spot

Charlie And Spot

Charlie and Spot first introduced themselves to Irene Sowter many years ago.

The tale is very interesting and as usual, Irene explains the introduction in her own inimitable style which of course makes the meeting a very humorous occasion.

Details of the extraordinary work that Irene has carried out on pets in some desperate situations is explained on the DVD entitled 'Healing Years'



'Goody' Smale.

Not expected to recover from an injury to the right leg after a fall resulting in a swollen fetlock and the loss of flesh around both knee joints, Goody was placed on absent healing list.

With the help of Charlie Kemp, a full recovery was made.


Ginger Hart had been hit by a car. Her tail had been paralysed and the bowel and the urinary system wasn't functioning either.

Ginger hadn't long to live and the veterinary surgeon would have put her down. Charlie Kemp operated on her through Irene after which Gingers owners were told that she would be fine and her shattered tail would grow back.

It did and Ginger lived a normal life for many years after that,



Two slipped discs.

Unable to walk .

'Katie' completely cured of her condition after one visit to the Healing Centre



Tiger's apparent terminal illness due to a kidney ailment was treated by Charlie Kemp.

Tiger lived to fight another day,

and then another,

and then another!


Casper the Rabbit

Casper had twisted his neck leaving him partially paralysed

Thanks to Charlie and Spot, two spirit operations and a further

healing session enabled Casper to fully recover.



Duke Owen

Duke Owen was dying of liver cancer when he was taken to Irene in a last effort to see what could be done.

Charlie Kemp operated on Duke and only a day after he was sent home the owners phoned up to inform Irene that he had brought up the cancerous growth and it was as big as a tennis ball. Duke then recovered and lived for many many years after that's


Tails to Tell

Tails To Tell

All the stories in this book are based upon genuine testimonials. Please note though, that in some cases pseudonyms have been used.

Additionally, where permission has been granted for accounts to appear, the owner's surname has been attached to that of the pet as we definitely consider them to be members of the family, and should always be treated as such.



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