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Irene Sowter - Demonstration Time

Irene Sowter Demonstrating

Doctors at one time were in danger of being struck off the medical register if they recommended their patients to receive treatment from spirit healers.

"If a doctor were to decide that it might be beneficial for one of his patients to be treated by a non-medical practitioner, the doctor would need:

(a) to retain ultimate responsibility for the management of the patient.


(b) to satisfy himself that the therapeutic procedure to be employed was within the capacity of the person to whom he referred the patient.

Before this decision was made, doctors were threatened that if they co-operated in any way with unregistered practitioners, like spirit healers, they faced disciplinary action and could be struck off the register.

Similar confirmations have been given to the Acupuncture Association and to the Society of Osteopaths.

The statement on co-operation between registered and unregistered practitioners was amplified in an important announcement made by the GMC in their annual report for 1979.

A Typical Meeting

On Saturday September 25 at Odfellows Hall in Dorking I had the opportunity of attending one of Irene Sowter's healing demonstrations.

I was present to film the proceedings that evening, after which an opportunity arose to interview at least five enthusiastic attendees who, being mostly newcomers to healing that nigh were very imressed with Irene's mediumship.

The energy required for a successful evening was high, and amongst the audience were several speakers who were there to testify to the fact of their being healed at the renowned hands of Irene Sowter. There are no prayers or hymns, which, says Irene is "old-fashioned and unnecessary", being that she would rather initiate a party atmosphere!


Also, unaccepting of pomp and ceremony, Irene has a no-nonsense approach which makes for a very entertaining evening and after documenting some of her successes to the assembly, she gets down to the serious job of healing.

This she carries out whilst she shares some humorous anecdotes, including the story of the not so shy lady who bared all in her surgery one day which gave her husband Gerald quite an embarrassing moment. But I still laugh at the description of the gin soaked lady in her book, 'Tails to Tell', along with the events surrounding the final demise of a defiant rodent affectionately named `King Rat'.

There was laughter and merriment, with some surprises in store in the form of immediate results from her healing, as some of the interviews on-the DVD 'Healing Years', shows.
Her surgeon in spirit, named by Irene as Dr's Bollimore and Lumvere, work through her, and it was Dr Bollimore who came through while Irene was in trance and who then proceeded to heal someone with a back problem.

Also documented are some extraordinary cases of healing with the aid of these spirit surgeons of which there are too many to mention.
Irene points out that it is those who work through her that are responsible for the healing and stresses that healing cannot take place without the intervention of spirit.

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