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Stuart's story

Gerald sowter

Gerald Sowter

Distant healing
When Irene and Gerald became a team, their combined energies were to make them a valuable resource for directing the healing energies. Although working together provided more than enough resource, their spirit work singly could also provide a formidable source of energy to enable spirit the opportunity of distant healing. On this occasion a young boy, many thousands of miles away was to be the beneficiarry of this healing power.

After learning of Irene and Gerald Sowter through her mother in England, Stuart's mother was quite prepared to trust in her advice that all was not lost. Below is her account of the events following healing by spirit through Gerald Sowter.

Dear Irene and Gerald

I am writing to Thank you both for your healing.
Stuart has completely recovered from the burns on his face. But to help you a little and perhaps fill you in on a few more facts I will start at the beginning. On Friday Stuart found an old face lamp and decided to have a little goat getting a tan. He did put on the glasses which protected his eyes and when he came into the room he was looking a bit red in the face he told me that he had only been under it for five minutes.
A few days later he said it must have been half an hour, which was obvious to me even on the Saturday morning. The sores were dripping by Saturday morning and we took him to the doctor. There his face was cleaned and a dressing put on. Five minutes later the dressing fell off and it became a bit of a hopeless situation because he had so many open burns nothing would fasten to his face. I continued to clean and comfort him right through to Monday, which was his worst day. Now old skin had started to drop off and raw skin was showing which really frightened me. Plastic surgery was suggested at one stage.
Infection was still a big worry and I had to be very careful.


Then, on Thursday evening I decided to try and find a spiritual healer and you were recommended to me by my mother. From being confronted with severe burns on the Saturday to totally clear skin by the following weekend was fantastic. Stuart went to school on Monday and I am sure his teacher must have questioned herself as to whether I had been telling her the truth! Anyway, I am so pleased and I know Stuart is. It had been a big for him to see his face in the mirror and a few times I had caught him desperately upset.
It did look a hopeless case, but once again, thank you very very much.

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