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Dr Barry

Physician; Dr Barry

Irene Sowter whose work cures the sick has the help of an lrish physician who passed more than 200 years ago. She recalls,
'I had no idea who he was then he introduced himself as Dr Barry.'

The famous doctor Sir Edward Barry has been working through Irene for more than 30 years. But it was some years ago that she discovered who her partner in healing was.
'He came through to me in my early days and indicated that he wanted to use me to carry on with his work. It was only when I treated a man a few years ago, that we discovered details of the doctor's life and background.'

Irene, was trying to heal a patient who suffered from chronic asthma, when she began to speak in a gruff, manly voice. The startled patient asked who was speaking Through Irene, the spirit said that his name was Sir Edward Barry and he was a chest specialist and physician general to the armed forces in Ireland, and that he had died in 1776.

Irene was so fascinated by the startling revelation that she and her husband Gerald travelled to Dublin to see a portrait of Sir Edward Barry, painted by artist Joshua Reynolds.

Irene recalls:
'As we stood looking at the portrait, I saw it light up and became aware of Dr Barry standing beside me with his hand resting on my shoulder. Then I heard him say:
"It has been a long time, but we have met at last." It was very moving.'

Working through Irene, Dr Barry has healed hundreds of people suffering from heart disorders, arthritis and a host of other ailments.

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