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Wise Words

The following Quotes from Magnus also relate to the DVD productions in which they appear. Click on the highlighted area to find out more.

"You mustn't have any fear of me, I'm only an old dead man"!

"As you are now once was I. As I am now, you shall become"

"When I look at you through his eyes, you look like ghosts to me"

"I'd probably get a clip round the ear but Magnus has a way of getting his message across"

"I feel I am probably allocated as the voice of the diamond, but for the incarnation of this medium"

"It is never wise to set your sights on horizons. You may rush headlong into horizons only to find another one beyond and what you have missed is the journey. This is the purpose".

"I knew not of love until I passed from earthly existence...
My earthly existence to the greater part was a waste...for although to come for you are many great planes of existence, you will never know the joys of earthly physical existence again, not as you are now.
"Do not waste the opportunity".

"Have no fear, what is there to fear. There is nothing to fear except fear itself...You are spirit of your side of life...Your plane of existence, your Earth world, your physical vibration is as much a plane of spirit as any that you shall progress to...Your contribution however it shall transpire shall make a difference if it is inspired by love"

"As you approach your time of transition, you will know, just as you loved ones will know that it is your time of transition into the Spirit World"

"That which you call the AIDS virus is not of the natural order. It is the product of those who call themselves scientists and is a hideous work. If I were to tell you from which country it originated, it would not help"

"According to science a bumblebee should not be able to fly"

"If you have spoken to the voice of a loved one, you know whether that is your loved one. No-one can take that away from you"

"Is there life on Mars. Yes, there most certainly is"

"Is it not time to change, to read the sign at what you are creating for yourself. You are building a dark inheritance"

"We are only dead when you speak of us as dead"

"We are your friends and the best that a friend can do for you is to unconditionally love you, whether you be good or you be bad. Hold love above all other things"

"Animal-kind: In Love you have prolonged their earthly existence. You must take responsibility, in love, for their release also"

"If he is a figment of my imagination, I wish I had the tenth of his wisdom"

"People come to listen to him time and time again but at the end of the day, people must draw their own conclusions"

"Anyone who says that karma is a way for the disabled to repay a debt for a former life is hogwash"

"When your physical form can no longer sustain you, the process of release is a severing of the cord...We move into a great light. Moving into this light does not require that we go any distance...Acceleration into this light is often experienced as going through a tunnel...You will move directly into the light where friends and family will come to greet us"
"Some fight against this and cause difficulty on the Earth plane causing what you refer to as poltergeist activity"

"Think of the ten commandments as God's commitments"

"I defy anyone to call me dead"!

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