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Spirit Guides DVD

Ron Jordan

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Ron Jordan was born in Liverpool and moved to London in 1971.

Ron has appeared on BBC television and featured on local radio many times. He is a tutor at the Arthur Findlay College, Stanstead Hall, a college for the study and advancement of psychic science where he teaches and lectures on many aspects of spiritual and psychic development, specialising in the area in the area of the trance Mediumship. He holds diplomas in Advanced Meditation Practices and Crystal Healing and awareness.

After years of studying, teaching and demonstrating, he has just completed a DVD entitled 'Spirit Guides', on the trance state.

The Interview

What was your first experience of spirit?

It was when I was very young 8 or 9 years old I used to have spirit lights in my room at night, they were small coloured orbs and each one had a minute spirit face on it, they would float in front of my face so that I could see them clearly then move away then another one would appear this went on for a long time. I thought everyone saw them and it was quite normal.

Apart from the spirit lights my first real experience was when in my teens I used to see my guide standing at the foot of my bed on a regular basis, so much so that I talked to him constantly, sometimes I would have been out very late playing bass guitar in one of the local bands, I would be very tired but no matter how I tried to ignored the fact he was there, putting my head under the pillow etc when I looked up he would still be there smiling at me.

Can you explain what trance is?

Deep trance Mediumship is the ability to allow you to be controlled by the individual spirit communicator in a much deeper way than in normal Clairvoyance, It is when the guide or spirit person controls not only your mind but normally the body as well.

What was your first experience of trance Mediumship?

It was when I was 24 I was with two members of my family in a home circle, when I was suddenly controlled by my guide he spoke to those present for about 90 minutes, in the end the people the present could see that I was getting physically drained and had to ask the guide to leave.

What do you feel or sense when going into trance?

It is normally an overwhelming feeling of love, itís like being bathed in warmth and light, you then know what is going to happen I call it surrendering yourself knowing that someone is going to take control of the proceedings.

Are you aware of what is being spoken or asked while in trance state?

I do not have any awareness of what has been said, nor of any questions that have been asked. When did you meet your guides? Golden Feather a North American Indian who is my main control in my teens, then about 12 years ago a new communicator George came to work with me in the trance state.

There is also a old china man Chang who has only ever performed or spoken about healing, he has helped many people but does this quite spontaneously, I have never been able to summon him and he normally comes at the most unexpected times, he has a really good manner and sense of humour, he said that he has been with me all the time, but I was not aware of him until 10 years ago.

How do you feel when coming out of trance?

Most times very elated and normally starving and thirsty, also as I suffer with back pain there is not normally any awareness of physical pain for several hours afterwards, I usually sleep very well which is not normal for me.

Is there another trance medium you look up to or forged your own Mediumship upon?

During all my years in the movement I have had the privilege to have watched many great mediums most of them are unfortunately in the spirit world.
Gordon Higginson (MSNU) who was a great demonstrator of trance, physical, and every other type of Mediumship. Robin Stevens MSNU from Harrow Church who was an outstanding demonstrator of clairvoyance, he gave me a lot of his time, encouragement and constructive criticism I miss him greatly.

Of course I must mention our friend Glyn Edwards CSNU whom, I believe to be one of the finest demonstrators of Mediumship today, and he is an excellent teacher on all aspects of development and spiritual matters.

Do you feel Mediumship is changing as in younger mediums developing quicker?

Yes and itís a good thing, I have never believed it took years to make a link with the spirit world anyone can do it, that however doesn't make you a medium it is the repetition of working with the spirit world and demonstrating that makes you a medium.

The more you link with the spirit world the quicker you will develop, in this day and age more and more people want readings and communication with the spirit world, the young mediums are the future, it is our task as experienced mediums to pass on our knowledge and experience to them.

I like to get new mediums on the platform as soon as I think they are ready, that can be as little as a few months or as long as they make it. The only person that can make you a medium is you, I believe God the great spirit does not discriminate so if I can do it so can you, the balls in your court.

What are your views on the shenanigans that some mediums put over as trance conditions on certain TV programmes nowadays?

I could take up a whole page on this subject, every time I see what I consider to be someone defiling the work of the spirit world; I hang my head in dismay. However I always remember what my guide said to me many years ago, please do not compromise your Mediumship for personal glory or fame and especially just for monetary gain.

The blame does not lie with the programme makers; it sits firmly on the shoulders of the so called mediums they are the culprits, for allowing themselves to be manipulated in this way. Mediumship is a blending of minds between two spirits it is a thing of wonder and love.

How many evil spirits have I met in 25 years plus? NONE. How many spirits made me cavort and grimace because they came into my energy field? NONE. Have I been able to remove spirits (ghosts) from buildings, yes many times but never with the dramatics you see on television.

What would your advice be to viewers of these supposed trances they view on TV?

Don't watch them I haven't seen a good one yet.

What would your advice be to the readers of this interview who are interested in trance themselves?

First develop your sensitivity, then your clairvoyance, as you will find that most trance states are a progression of your own Mediumship, for even when you are working clairvoyantly you are in an induced state of light trance. Don't sit in a circle with someone who doesn't understand trance, as I see lots of damaged trance mediums by the way they have been taught. I can never understand how someone can teach trance when they have never experienced it themselves Finally trust the people in the spirit world who work with you, they know what their doing even if you don't.

What safety factors would you advise before gong down the pathway of trance?

Have a good awareness of how your Mediumship works, if you feel that you want to go down the trance route, and then ask a respected tutor on trance to look at you, they will know within a very short time if you are ready.

Where do you feel trance Mediumship is going in the future?

My guide told me that they want trance to be more readily available to everyone, as people are beginning to become more aware of spirit. I know for a fact that after changing my reading from clairvoyance to what the guide called soul readings in trance, that the spirit world has helped a great number of people, with their lives and spiritual unfoldment than ever before.

I would like to finish with words from my guide George in answer to a question about the development of a persons spirit he said and I quote " If you are continually receiving the same message with no substance from what you would deem to be a dead relative, how can that possibly help your spiritual growth, you must listen to your spiritual guide in our world and strive forward".

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